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Hi all. I'm trying to trace Christine Denney,who became Christine Field. She worked for Harlequin from about 1968,same as me. She managed High Holborn when there was an Office in the back where Joyce and Mossy worked. She stayed on when Our Price took over,and became an area manager and partner to Mike Isaac's.I was then called Lesley Lord. I married Bob Gylanders the Harlequin/Our Price electrician
Lesley Hollywood

I can provide the email contact. (the Curator)/

Established End 1980s
Famous Associations
Jimi Hendrix

We used to go down to London a lot in the late 60's.One of our little treats was a record shop off Piccadily Circus called Harlequin, a sort of small London version of Select disc, but out of this world, the only place I ever saw the original cover version of 'The 2 Virgins' by Lennon and Yoko displayed in the window.
One day we went down there, reckon it was summer 68, straight round to Harlequin.As we got to the door, someone was coming out, my mate held the door open for him and who should walk out but Jimi Hendrix, we were stunned and speechless, he just smiled and said thank you.
firbeck Nottstalgia Nottingham Forums

Harlequin Records... - As a frequent visitor to your capital I can tell you that the shop in the Haymarket was some kind of myth to us young folks from the continent - I made my first journey (I'm from Germany) to London in 1969, and all of my friends who had been there before advised me to go there - the best record-shop in the world!
And I do still vividly recall my first visit: The ancient wooden door with a plate on it - it read "London's original 24-hour record-store" (Remember, that was 3 decades prior to Tower, on the opposite side of the circus!) , though 24 hours it wasn't, but they opened before normal office time and stayed open to allow a buy after the last pint, if I remember that right.
I loved the singles-counter in the basement, where you could order by number, like, no. 8, no. 13 and no. 21, from the charts on display - I remember having bought some 30-plus items on my first visit there... - aaah, and you got a nice paper-bag with the company-ensigns nicely printed on - too much a treasure to be thrown into the bin - those were the days. In the years to come, Harlequin was always my first port of call, later on, musical tastes changing, I myself changed to Dean Street - they specialised in hard to get country-rock and US-westcoast (for me, the order of the day) - a collector's heaven. AND they played the music loudly instore - they had a beast of a self-built amplifier named "Vindicator" behind the desk, does anyone remember THATONE??? Our Price could never make up for the loss of Harlequin.

I spent 13 years working for Harlequin Records,mostly in the West End and City,but ended up in Bromley,Kent,at which point the dreaded take over by Our Price happened and it ruined everything!Those were the best years of my life,wonderful workmates,especially all those in Great Poultney St(remember The Glasshouse pub)?Sadly Mossy and Mr Krieger have now passed on,but what wonderful times we had,and what a magnificent chain of record shops they were,full of knowledgeable people,who knew what they were talking about and were only too eager to pass on info to customers.I wouldn´t change that part of my life for anyhting.
lesley Hollywood(was Gylanders) London R.I.P

When I got my first job working at a music publishers in Wardour Street in London's West End, I used to frequent the old Harlequin Record shop in Berwick Street Market. I had a great friend in the there with whom I went to Alice Cooper's Welcome to my Nightmare show at Wembley in the mid 70's. I wonder if he's out there and remembers me? Harlequin record shops were everywhere in London back then. I wonder what happened to them? Comment: telegramsam

Does anyone know where Dave Asher is now I used to work with him at harlequin records 1967-76 I like to get back in touch with him. It was a great times.I'm trying to get in touch with Dave Asher. We used to work together at the Oxford s.t. Branch.and the Haymarket. I'm sure I used to know Leslie as well
Please contact me via this web site. Michael Fellerman.

I had great times at harlequin records it was a great unit of people working there. I was regarded as one of the best salespersons there pulling out all the stops to make those extra sales. There was a time one night at the Haymarket branch about seven in the evening a lady came into the shop I recognise her straight away it was Hollywood star Diane Baker. She asked me for some batteries I asked her what kind of music she liked. Some light music she said so she ended spending sixty pounds she only came in for two pounds worth of batteries. Comment: Michael Fellerman.

DJ/producers Phil Asher's Dad worked at Harlequin records, bringing home all the latest releases to a young and eager Phil.

I wonder how many branches Harlequin had?

I used my local branch in Balham, which had a good selection of Reggae albums (Trojan, Pama and Melodisc). There were also branches in Victoria Street, SW1 (Our Price too that over and the building has just been demolished) and just down the road from there in Strutton Ground, where the shop closed in 1978. It sold all it's stock of cheaply, but for some reason all the albums came only in card sleeves! I got the Decca double LP compilation 'Hard Up Heroes' in there. Comment:Marc Griffiths.

I worked for Harlequin in Titchfield St with Rita, Celia,Stuart,Cindy,Mervyn,and Paul,Mossy Russell,and Mr Krieger Sr always in and out.Best place and people I ever worked for it was the best of times.Would love to know what happened to everyone,truely sorry to read about Russell. Commnet: Sonia.

I started at the Bow Lane branch in June 1974 straight from school (16 - just). I was interviewed by Mossy at Gt Pultney Street. I worked at Holborn, cards on top records below. Then Fleet Street. Relief at various City shops. Then to Shaftesbury Ave around 1977 and the evenings in Coventry Street (the best). Also done stints at Cranbourne Street, Haymarket, Brewer Street, Strutton Ground and Our Price Buster in Rupert Street. Can anyone beat that! I served David Bowie and Hughie Green when working at the Queensway branch of Our Price and Benny Hill at a Harlequin branch but I cant remember which one. Comment: Peter Clark

(June 27, 2014) Steve Jones said:Now I am certain there must have been a branch in either Southgate or Wood Green as the old paper bags they used to put the records in sticks in my mind. On a more bizarre note Harlequin Records also makes an appearance in one of the Confessions sex comedy films from the 1970s - I suspect from memory it was the Pop Performer one.

(May 9, 2014) Anonymous said:I worked at Harlequin records in Northampton.Great days great people to work for. I remember
(I think it was Mossy's son )coming up from London in a van full of deleted LP'S. I married my Saturday boy. We've been married for 32 years have three kids and live in Australia.We still love music and still have a vinyl record collection.

(Jan 12, 2014) Anonymous said:I used to work at Harlequin record shop on Oxford street selling ice creams on the pavement near their doors . 1975 summer job only . Anyone remember me ? Richard .

(Nov 24, 2013) Anonymous said:Hello everyone, I came across this site by accident, and found this, all about Harlequin. I'm Janice Crombie nee Krieger, and I met Russell at Harlequin. We had a lovely marriage of 41+ years with 4 kids and when he passed away with Pancreatic Cancer in February 2012 we had 4 grandchildren. There are 5 now. Lovely to hear so many lovely remarks of my late father's company.

(Oct 22, 2013) Ian said:"Heard it .." TYPO!

(Oct 22, 2013) Ian said:Worked for a short while in the Wardour Street branch in 1968, which had only recently opened. (I don't know that it lasted very long there.) Was shown the ropes in the basement of the Haymarket shop - the ground floor was for classical mainly. The Wardour street shop had a basement full of albums that had somehow got into the country from the USA - remember a huge stack of the Magical Mystery Tour LP (when there was only the EP available officially in the UK). Resale Price Maintenance was on its last legs, but not yet abolished - I remember the Decca rep coming in and admonishing the manager (can't remember her name) over a window display of "sale" items that showed too low prices. I didn't stay too long - got beaten up by skinheads on my way home one night for having long hair. Do vividly remember hearing a record on the radio one night and coming in the next day and telling the manager she ought to order up a bundle as I thought it was going to be big. She poo-pooed the idea. Marvin Gaye's "Hear it through the grapevine"!

(June 23, 2013) John Szewczyk said:Wow! what memories we have of Harlequin. I joined in 1975 my first shop was London Wall then went to Cheapside, below Rymans With Chas who was transferred and replaced by Sharman West. Who used to manage the Ilford and Green Street shops and had previously worked in the Cheapside branch in the late 60's. we fell in love and got married in 1980 and are still terrifically happy and remember our times at Harlequin with great affection. We worked in loads of branches throughout our time and remember lots of people already mentioned.We would love to hear from anyone who remembers us so please keep posting. Or contact us on

(May 25, 2013) Nick from Balham,London said:We used to have a Harlequin in Balham High Rd..circa 1972-75?

(Apr 5, 2013) Anonymous said:I worked in the Cheapside Branch from 1971-1976 becoming manageress in late 1975. I then moved on to run the Fleet Street shop for a while before moving again to run the Golders Green shop. I left in 1978. That was the best job i ever had, i loved it.

(Jan 22, 2013) Mike Davis said:I used to manage the Ryman shop in Cheapside, Harlequin were in the basement beneath my shop, this was in the mid to late 60s.
Mr Krieger used to run around in a large American car, it had a small plate on it saying it was made from recycled juke boxes.
Both shops were sweat shops in the summer no air con and low ceilings, air con was fitted, it never worked and flooded both shops !!! I still have some albums with their logo stuck on the back. Happy days.

(2nd Dec, 2014)
I worked in the Wembley High St. branch from 1973-76, on Saturdays and school holidays. It was great fun. I remember I used to spend not only all of my Harlequin wages on records, but also a good chunk of the money from my other two jobs as well !
My main responsibilities were making the tea and filing the records in the shelves behind the counter - oh, and also nipping down to the bookies or the fish and chip shop whenever the manager (Trevor) fancied either a flutter or a bite to eat. The other people who worked there (Sue and Gary) were also very nice and we had lots of laughs and of course loads of good music all the time. I have Harlequin to thank for the bulk of my record collection. Comment:Dave Wharton.

I used to manage the Richmond branch. Classical was downstairs, with rock above. I imported Born To Run and the first Pavlov's Dog albums; they sold very well. He was very tolerant when I massively over ordered on the import of Santana's triple Lotus album. I got on well with Laurie Krieger, and used to go round the branches with him in his pale blue Rolls Royce. Great times! Comment: David MacAuslan .

(Dec 31,2014) I worked in the head office in the summer of 1975 straight after I had finished my last O' level. I did returns on my first day and it was awful, I went into the lav and nearly cried, but came back for a second day, then spent a great summer there. It was the time that Dylan's Basement Tapes LP came out and it was played over and over again. After a while I was going out and about on the van I seem to remember with a guy called Adam. I remember going out into the countryside to some shops, other further in eg Wembley, where I lived. My dad was friendly with Lorry Krieger, and he got me the job, which was nice. Years later I spent 11 years with Virgin Megastores, who took over Our Price, funny old world! Comment:Stephen Conway.

(April 26, 2015) A great record shop was Harlequin in Berwick St the lady downstairs was an expert on soul records for the mods. I remember buying So Far Away Hank Jacobs their also some Arthur Alexander and Major Lance, records that were difficult to get in those days but played at the Last Chance, Disc and Scene clubs.Great days best regards John Fitzgerald

(June 14,2015) Some of my best days were at Harlequin I worked for 13 years starting in 1963. there were only 3 shops then Berwick Street, Cheapside, I think the other was High Holborn when I left we had a chain of 64 stores. I ended up as Mr. Krieger and Mossy's Personal Assistant any one around that time would remember me I used to speak to all the shop managers at least every Monday and I used to organize the Christmas Parties for all the staff which was around 360 people. I left Harlequin to live in Bermuda where I still live. Mossy and Teresa his wife who managed the Guilford store used to come out and visit me every year in Bermuda and I am still friends with Teresa Moss. I used to go out on shop rounds at times with Mr. Krieger in his Rolls Royce. I still remember some of the managers from that time. If anyone wants to drop me a line my e-mail is [email protected] My maiden name was Howell then Presland. Comment: Joyce Lindo.

( Jan 23, 2016)Best days of my life. Such happy memories and what great people! I started off in Oxford Street with Gordon as my manager. Went on to Gear in King's Road, Fleet Street with Andy and later with Sylvie, and finally Fenchurch Street. Sad at the passing of Russell, Mossy and Mr K. Thank you Harlequin for so much enjoyment. Best wishes to anyone who remembers me. Janey Sindell (nee Mills)

Jenny Attrill was Robertson Comment I worked at Harliquin Records in 1968 to mid seventies. I ran the 2 Fenchurch street shops, and some evenings helped downstairs at the Haymarket branch. I had worked for other record retailers before that but Harlquin was so different going to work was fun. Does anyone know what happened to Mike Lucas who ran Liverpool street branch and Micheal Pattern who was a classical genius who worked upstairs in Haymarket. Mr Krieger and Mossy were the best bosses I ever had. (July 5, 2016)

Name David Asher Comment: I have just read all the comments, great stuff! Worked in Haymarket and Oxford Street during the 60's and 70's. Hello to anyone who remembers me, good fun was had. (Jan 12, 2017).

I never worked for Harlequin but spent most of my wages in there. Was there a branch outside Waterloo Station . I remember buying Dark Side OfThe Moon there are on the day of its release. I worked in the Nat West Bank on the Station. It’s lovely reading all of your comments. I feel I missed out not working in one of the stores. X
Christine Orbel

I worked in the branch in Welwyn Garden City around 1977. Got the job through my boyfriend’s mum Doreen Arkell who worked there. I remember Never mind the bollocks couldn’t be displayed in the window. I also remember having to take the train up to head office to pick up stock when we ran out of singles. Fantastic.
Sarah (Nee) Smith

I was working in the late 60s - 72. My first shop at Cannon St. With Pam Bing, then went to strange dept store Kilburn high road Harlequin had a small pitch in. Then went to Kings Road great trading store. My last shop st / ground S.W.1. Janice do you remember me just before you got married. IT was at the xmas party that I meet my future husbund, Tom Walsh;.
Swiss cottage centre i think. TOM Walsh worked at the Haymarket shop, Along with many nice friends
Dave ,Ian, & Tony Crighton. TOM & I married for 39 years, we had 2 children & 4 grand sons & another on the way in OZ.
Sadly Tom passed away in 2015 cancer. Also Tony Toms good friend.




LOUISE. (2018)

My sister, Stacy worked for Harlequin records in the late sixties after returning to the UK from the USA. Sadly she died on August 15 . She loved working for Harlequin and Mossy was a family friend. Very good memories.
rory spearing

I worked at Harlequin during school holidays from summer 1975 until summer 1976 and it was terrific fun and a great education into the world of music.
I started off at the head office in Great Pulteney Street in June 75 and got the job tidying up the thousands of records that were not in any order. I found so many rarities that most of my wages used to go on buying them up and then stepped up to do evening shifts in the Berwick Street Market branch opposite Cheapo Cheapo.
Those were crazy times. We used to get all sorts coming in - prossies, drunks, druggies, trannies and I remember being shocked to find a huge collection of girlie magazines in the toilet. Ha ha.
In the evenings - the shop was open until 11pm - there usually just two of us working so we could play what we wanted. If we wanted to close early I'd play Troutmask Replica by Capt Beefheart or other weird stuff to clear the punters out.
In summer 76 they moved me out to Richmond and while we waited for the new store in George Street to open I had to clear out the old shop a few hundred yards down the road. It had been a One Stop shop and before that was owned by Island Records who had left hundreds of boxes of Sue/Island label singles there to rot. There were loads of boxes of early Bob Marley & The Wailers singles and after a few hours of carrying heavy boxes up the stairs I decided to start using them as frisbees, smashing them against the wall. Yes, I know - I've had sleepless nights thinking about it. And to make matters worse those singles all sell for top dollar these days. Ugh!
Anyway, they were fun times. From head office I remember the manager Jim and a drummer from Wembley called Stu. From Richmond I remember the manager David, who has already posted above, and the former manager who was a big Rolling Stones fan like me. I've forgotten his name. There was also a great lady there called Lyndsey.
Mike B

Hi dave it's me michael i worked with you in the Oxford street branch I've been serching for you for such a long time,how are you after all this time hows your family i heard about philip and his music please get in touch your good college a d friend michael
Michael Fellerman

I have just stumbled across this awesome page as I belong to Toastmasters and am giving a talk on vinyls this week. My dad (Alan Woodley) was area manager for EMI covering the West End. He became friends with Laurie Krieger whilst Laurie sold ice cream in Oxford Street?? Dad helped Laurie Stock up for his first shop and came to visit our house in Yateley in his rolls royce and brought me a Bugs Bunny toy that talked. When I became 16, Laurie gave me a Saturday job in Harlequin Records Camberley. Theresa Moss used to manage Guildford with my DJ mate Johnny Walker. Theresa came to work in Camberley with Maz (manageress of Camberley). Maz and Theresa are still very much good friends of mine to this day. What fabulous memories we were all gifted with.
Jayne Mathiot

There was a Rare Records Ltd at 5-7 Barton Square (off St Anne's Square) Mc2 about 1962/3. I think it imported many records. I bought quite a lot there - 10" blues LPs from France come to mind (Big Maceo, Sonny Boy Williamson). I'm wondering if this was an earlier version of the one in John Dalton Street or maybe was a completely different venture.
Martin White

I happened to come across the record shops archive and found a post regarding Harlequin record shops from a lady called Janey who used to be the manager of the Fleet Street branch in the 60s and was thrilled to see that in 2016 she was still around and she mentioned Sylvie the lady she worked with i do hope both are still alive. She used to be Janey Mills.
Wow what a find.
Paul Adams. (2020)

I worked at the 201 Oxford St store from 1977 to 1979. Dave Asher was a mentor of mine and a truly great guy. I remember the Krieger family and Mossy who was based at the HQ. These were great days for me and I met so many great friends
Keith Dicker

The Harlequin in the ‘unknown location’ was in Harrow, opposite the large department store that used to be called Sopers and then became Debenhams.
Ian Townsend

I worked in the Chelsea Drugstore, and Harlequin 125 Kings Road early to mid-70s then again a litter later around 78, ended up as manager, Terrific days I'm still in touch with Paul Callaghan Paul Courtly and Jeannie, I remember Alison, that worked with us too, and wonder if she is still around, would be great to hear from anyone that remembers us lot on the King's Road, so sad to hear of all the passing Mr. K, Mossy, Russell, my condolences, to all your families, and I think of all the Harlequin days, with a great fondness. Ally bless you all.
Alistair Allen

Hi, Was looking inside an old copy of Eagles - Desperado and on the inside of the paper sleeve was written Harlequin Cheapside 25-2-76. I never visited Harlequin - so I guess it came from there and made it's way up to Manchester. I bought the album online a few years ago to replace my old white label Asylum version that I sold like an idiot when CDs came out :)
Nick Clarkson

Message for Alistair Allen, we worked together in Harlequin Records in the Chelsea Drug Store Kings road in the 70's, I often think of you and Paul. I loved those days when we worked together, it would be great to hear from you and catch up.
Please email the archive and they will contact me.
Alison Gardner/Duke now Mawby

I went to work at Harlequin from ‘77-‘79 & after Mossy interviewed me I got the job as a stock assistant in Gt Pultney St. The names I can remember are Laurie, Mossy, Peter, Mike, Steve, Kevin, Julian and his Brother Chris, Paul (who I shared a flat with over the Wembley shop) Wally, Blue at Berwick St & Bob the van driver. I remember the young women who did the computing but can only remember Tracy who did a mean perm for me that turned to dreadlocks overnight and then got shaved off! 🙄 There were many hijinks in the basement at G.P.St and we all attended the Glasshouse for many an evening and on Saturdays.

After a number of Poker nights back at the office after the Glasshouse closed, I ended up loosing my shirt once too often. To repay them I took a bet of double or quits if I could run 10 miles around the block a week later. My creditors took it on, convinced of easy money! Mossy said I wouldn’t be paid because I wasn’t working and reminded all they should keep working throughout but could join in on shifts to make sure I kept going.

I ran to work and back everyday from St Pancras to Piccadilly in order to get fit enough and it worked. It was in June and a terribly hot run! The guys kept me cool with rubbish bins of water thrown over me every few laps, it was wonderful and thanks. I finished the run, cooled off & we all went to the Glasshouse to celebrate. As I arrived, Mossy pressed two days pay into my hand and a bottle of Champagne! He was such a lovely man.

I also did a lot of overtime in the first year in Shaftesbury Ave, Coventry St & Haymarket. The couple who ran Shaftesbury Ave were lovely but my memory fails me on their names, so many others too! For the Coventry St nights, I was delegated the drinks collector from the local pub. The manager was Scottish and I really enjoyed the riotous evenings there.

After a year I was given the post of Relief Shop Manager, I worked in about 10 shops. Then Laurie’s Son Paul was given the shop in Berwick St that was renamed the London Record Centre and I was given the job of Warehouse Manager, running the stocking and then distributing the imports from Europe. They were terrible quality and I had to try and sell them to all the Harlequin shops, where the Managers didn’t want to take them, I jumped to 40 cigarettes a day during that period! 🤣

We both sold the records together at a Country and Western Festival in Wembley and at Knebworth during one of the the Led Zepplin gigs there, Paul let me see the set itself, as no one was buying records then. It was great fun and to see my heroes from the Guest Enclosure at Knebworth was akin to my landing on the Moon!

Sadly I had a bad period of illness and after managing Shepards Bush in the Summer of ‘79 I had to leave. Then they were taken over by Our Price and a brief but glorious place in history was gone. However it was two fantastic years of a truly halcyon youth and not withstanding life’s bumps, I like many others, had a very happy time at Harlequin.
Simon Lang FRAS

I worked at the Bow Lane branch, just around the corner from Cheapside, in 1973-74. Alan Lambert was Manager and Michael was his assistant. They were on street level, which happened to be the Classical Dpt, and I were in charge of Pop Music in the basement, with a nice girl Lesley assisting. At times during the National power cuts we had to use candles downstairs and operate the till with a handle, yes in those days you could. I was only 19 at the time and Alan got me interested in Classical music. Myself, Alan and Michael were great friends eventually and went together to Classical concerts at the Royal Festival and Albert Hall. In the end I went to the USA for a number of years and sadly lost touch with them all. Great memories though. Mr Kreiger would sometimes come round to check the 'Books' leaving his Rolls in the single lane blocking the traffic. Happy days
Ian Mitchell

Add on back of 45 record bag

Add on back of 45 record bag

Black Sounds 75 Mark Griffiths

Bill Carey Looks At The London Jazz Disc Jazz Scene. Image Mick Brocking

I remember this one well...great chain of shops was "'Harlequin one of the last "'Harlequin"s was on Ludgate Circus. Great store. P J. Le Faucheur

(Feb 3, 2015) Harlequin records....bringing back fantastic memories of my grand father Laurie Krieger, my dad Russell Crombie and his amazing team of staff including Mossy and all the wonderful, friendly staff I met at every shop I visited with my grandpa when he did a "run" to deliver stock. Thanks for all your wonderful comments. Anna Rabin

(15 Feb, 2015) I worked at Harlequin in Bromley in the late 1970's. I would love to hear from Lesley Hollywood (Guylanders/Smith when I knew her). Please contact me at: [email protected]

(June 29, 2015)I just had lunch today with Sonia who I worked with when she was 16 and I was 18. I was 18 in 1970 and I worked at the head office (Gt Titchfield Street then at Gt Poultney St) I have to say that in all my working years they were the happiest working days of my life. so sorry to hear about my working colleagues that have passed away but would like to thank them for some of the happiest days of my life. Why don't we set up a Harlequin Records facebook page? Comment: Celia Large (nee) Duff.

(December 9, 2015) Hi are used to work at harlequin records Queensway in London 1977 onwards If anybody remembers me working there or work with me please get in touch. Ron Brooks.

( Jan 8, 2016) I used to work in the Oxford St shop on Saturdays when I was at school - 1967/8 I think. Loved it! I worked with Russell (so sad he's gone), Janice, Paul, Gary... 'afraid it's too long ago to remember all the names I'm afraid! My mum was Russell's Mum Gladys's best friend (also very sadly passed). Hello everyone!! Lesley Howard

(Jan 13, 2016) I worked in the head office in Great Poultney Street just by Carnaby Street right after my O levels in 1975. My late Dad knew Laurie K and called him to ask if he would give me a job for the summer. Great time, used to go on the van and help deliver stuff to all the shops, including my local one in Wembley High Rd. I did however get to hate The Basement Tapes by Bob Dylan as it was played constantly whilst I worked there, but, did discover In The Land Of Grey And Pink by Caravan and loved The Golf Girl.
Stephen Conway

( Jan 30, 2016) I was 10 when Janice's dad started his business in his garage at home. I remember playing with Janice and being shown the garage. Comment: Zena Davison

( Feb 4, 2016) Anyone know where Jill (Boyd when I knew her) always had a kind of Goff look - black clothes, hair, nails etc.,. but she was lovely Les Dimmock, and Alan (can't remember his surname)they both had 1970's LOOOONG hair! all worked in Bromley branch. Not long before it closed, the upper floor was turned into a book shop. Young girl worked there (cant remember her name) married Guy Jardine I think. Billy Idol often used to drop in - he had yellow hair back then, me and my mate used to laugh behind his back. He certainly had the last-laugh there and a concert shown on Sky a couple of years ago was brilliant. Comment: Geoff Garoghan​

Robert King "OK, so I confess I never WORKED for Harlequin, but I was one of those who kept it bloody going owing to the fact that I'd spew all my wages in the Cheapside and Cannon Street branches nearly every month throughout 1973 up to whenever it was that the disaster known as Our Price, took over. Managed to get my hands on many unusual versions of albums, all of which I still have. Thanks Harlequin - you were one of the places that I've had a lot of joy thinking about. p.s. absolutely love the images down the bottom on the page with the shop windows - magic!" ( April 26, 2016)

Graham Lang. 'Worked at Harlequin '65 to '75 Gear, Balham, Watford and Bedford, then deliveries, from both the head offices. Yes the best job ever, sorely miss the people there. Left in '75 for a year in australia, still here. Found this site after discovering the sad passing of Russell. Also sorry to hear of the passing of Mr. K and Mossy. So many stories, so many great times.' ( May 22, 2016).

Name John Blaney Comment: I used to work at the Victoria St branch around the early 70s. I was there when it used to be SOHO Records, it was later taken over by Harlequin Records. The manageress was a nice woman called Anne who was sadly killed in a road traffic accident in the early 80s. My mate and me used to have a competition to see who could get the most customers to come to the counter to ask "who is that that is playing now?" He went on to work for CBS Records after bulling them with suggestions for years.I loved that job! (April 21, 2017)

I worked for Harlequin from 1973 to around 1983. I started at Pultney Street and went on to manage the store at Old Street. I eventually managed the London Record Centre in Rupert Street which became Price buster Records for Paul Krieger.I also worked in most of the West End stores at one time of another.I was a great friend of Mossy and would come to work with him in the mornings early so we could meet everybody in the cafe for breakfast. Of course we also had some rather memorable or perhaps immemorial nights at the Glasshouse!I would still say that they were the best days of my working life,so many good friends. Would love to get in touch with anyone. I have been retired now for about five years and live in rural Lincolnshire. I will never forget my days at Harlequin or Pricebuster. Paul McKenzie. (2022)

I took over the management of the Liverpool Street shop from Rhett Davies in the early 70s. I see that my very good friend Jenny Robertson, now Attril has posted. I left Liverpool Street and worked with Mossy at Pulteney Street, often 'cashing up' the Oxford run of shops. Clive at Slough, Sandy at Maidenhead, Carol and Fran at the two Reading Shops also Aylesbury and High Wycombe. I also remember spending a night at Pulteney Street trying to sort out the orders for the shops put together by a VERY EARLY days computer! They were great days.
Mike Lucas

Unknown location

Steve Green Oxford Street Store.

DJ Mark Gabriel 1979
DJ Mark Gabriel 1979

I was a DJ in Cornwall in the late 1970's and went to London's Piccadilly Circus on a day trip 29 August 1978 Tuesday according to google, and noticed harlequin records by accident and called in and purchased some hard to get 7" singles and was served by a lovely lady called Robbie Burke. I will never forget her she had black hair in fact I had a teenager crush *Just for one day* but she never gave me her phone number so I guess she was married or dating or wasn't interested.... lol.

1973 Me outside of the Harlequin Records store in Golders Green. NW 11, London. I was the manager there for a couple of years after I moved from Npton. Jeffrey King February 27, 2019 · Great site for the the record shops. I worked at the Co-Op record department from 1965-1967 then to John Levers Gold Street 1967-1969 and lastly in Northampton Discland Bridge St. 1969-1971. After that in 1972 I moved to London where I worked at Soho Records and Harlequin Records.

Add on back of 7" bag.


Lynn Crombie
19 Jun 2023 at 12:51
I worked on and off for Harlequin in the late sixties, while still at school. I am Russell’s sister and worked with some lovely people including Gordon, Clare and Rhett (in Oxford St) and I ran the Kilburn shop for a while at age 16!
It’s very nostalgic for me to read all the comments, especially as Russell is no longer with us. I was delighted to see a comment from Lesley Howard. Be great to hear from you, Lesley!
Lynn Crombie
Angie Piccinin
20 Aug 2023 at 01:09
Went by Wendy back in April 1975 worked at Bromley store, Lesley was the manager, Jill always wore black and Alan great to work with. Also worked short time Holborn and head office with Dougie. Last one was Piccadilly Circus. We had all the records ready for the opening but the shelves and racks weren’t installed I remember marching into Mossys office and telling him we had worked so hard why weren’t the fixtures done. He got on the phone right away and later that same day it was done. He said I was going places with Harlequin he was such a nice man so was Mr. Krueger. Unfortunately I ended up going to Canada wish I had stayed looking back great memories
Ron Gould
26 Aug 2023 at 12:26
Worked at The Haymarket shop 73, 74. Lots of stories. Mates there Tony Crighton, Maurice Geller, Al & Tom
Steve Crowhurst
02 Nov 2023 at 12:05
Hi one and all,
Can you help? I used to work at Mobil Oil Co, located around 94 Victoria Street back in 1964 and on every pay day, I would walk back to Victoria Station on the even side of the street and a few blocks from the station was a record shop that took most of my pay packet. I’m trying to remember the name of the record shop. I do have one album cover with a Harlequin label. So, did Harlequin have a Victoria Street shop? Thanks in advance for any information.
Steve C.
Bob Pentney
16 Feb 2024 at 07:43
Hi, I've just been reading these affectionate comments and memories. Jeffrey, that's so great. I worked with Jeff and Carolyn McRea in the Golders Green branch of Harlequin, just after they aquired the Soho chain in November 1972. Some big releases came out while I was there, Dark Side of The Moon Tubular Bells, Beatles Red & Blue. Jeff and Carolyn were so lovely to work with, it would be do nice to make contact again. Sad to hear Laurie Krieger and Mossy have passed om. Laurie had a habit of turning up out of the blue, emptying the till and swiftly departing the shop. Nothing but good memories. I left around August 1973 to manage and help open a record department in a bookshop in Baker Street. Baker Street Records. Previous to Harlequin I worked for Soho records from the autumn of 1971 in Hammersmith, Wembley, Harrow
and Ludgate Circus. Ended up doing 30 years in the music bizz. Bob Pentney
Phillippa Jackson ( as known)
19 Feb 2024 at 07:11
Just come across this thread, so interesting to read.
I worked in the Oxford Street branch in the daytime and downstairs in Piccadilly in the evening, and a few stints in Berwick Street late 1960’s.
Manager in Oxford Street was a small petite lady, when I was there, can’t remember her name, but remember Janice K and her brother Paul.,
AJ Jones
12 Mar 2024 at 06:53

I never worked at Harlequin records. I just remember the branch in Oxford was a great shop, great selection of weird, wonderful and hard to find tunes. This all changed of course, when Our Price took over. I just did a random Google search, whilst reminiscing, and found this site, with all of the wonderful memories.

Best wishes
Julie Kahn
16 Jul 2024 at 03:13
I worked in the Berwick Street shop for a couple of years alongside Laurie K’s daughter Janice. The Felds (Marc Bolan’s family) fruit stall was in the market outside the shop. It was about 1969/70 and I remember preferring it when Janice wasn’t in (sorry J if you’re reading this) as she like Motown and I liked stuff like the String Band/Pink Floyd/Bowie. In fact a young Bowie come down those stairs into our basement shop once to check out how Space Oddity was selling (we’d sold out and he was so happy he gave me a kiss). Halycon days. Now and then if Oxford Street was short staffed I’d be sent there but it was a bit too big for me and I felt overwhelmed. I remember the DJ Gary Davies was working there then. It was my first ever job and I loved it.




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