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It has been put forward to me that Hanningtons apparently sold records, although I have no recollection of this. They were once the premier department store in town, and Smith Hannington opened his first shop in North Street in 1808. They gradually grew and purchased adjacent buildings to match their growth. At its height in the mid 20th century, the department store occupied a sizable chunk of the South side of the street and continued to do so until its closure in 2001. The buildings have now been converted into individual shops and offices.

(Update: Anthony Squires 31.03.20 – “Yes, Hanningtons definitely sold records – at least in 1980. I remember buying the 2 x 7″ double packs of the ‘Generals and Majors’ and ‘Towers of London’ singles by XTC (on separate visits) from a box on the counter where they had ex-chart singles at a reduced price”). (Update: Barry Parks 13.04.20 – “Hanningtons definitely sold records – between the circular” water feature and a North Street entrance. It had listening booths too – listened to soundtrack of the film “Candy” in one”).




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