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Name: pocketkitchen
Comment: The best for me has to be Grey 'n' Pink in Chester - most of my wages used to go in there, I think. First record bought there - Master of Reality by Black Sabbath. Mike used to turn up on Marcher Sound every now and then and people would ring in with random albums and catalogue numbers for a guide to the rarity and value. I never heard him stumped - a real fount of knowedge.


Dave Harwood
27 Mar 2024 at 04:43
I found this advert in the 'Chester Chronicle' dated 1st September 1989: “BATMAN ITEMS (MOVIE BOOK & MOVIE ADAPTATION), GRAPHIC NOVELS, TRADE PAPER BACKS. CHESTER COMIC CO. (Grey 'n' Pink Records), 57 BROOK STREET, CHESTER Tel: (0244) 311921.”



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