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Name: David Malone
Comment: I remember a shop in East Walk, Basildon called Godfreys, it was a really big shop; downstairs they sold hi-fis and TVs, really top-range stuff too, I bought a portable TV out of there on HP in 1978 - black & white, of course.

They had amazing window displays - my mate bought a life-size Gene Simmons (of Kiss) cut-out from them. They had records upstairs, I remember a headphone stand with demo 'phones which played Supertramp's Crime of the Century; others doubled as listening stations/booths.

They are now a Halifax bank, I used to clean their windows in 1979, in the early morning. They sold everything, they weren't the cheapest, like, say, Downtowns, but I spent a large chunk of my life in there.
(12 April 2015)




East Walk SS14 Basildon / Essex
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