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(April 21, 2015)I started work in a solicitor’s office in September 1963 and we were on the first and second floor of a building. The ground floor was this music shop. It sold some instruments, sheet music and also to my delight records. It had been there for years even then and was run by this man who seemed old to me when I was 17 but I think was probably in his early 30s and he was helped by too much older women one of whom was his mother. They kept nearly all the records behind the counter and there was little ability to browse as far as I can recall now but I was quite a regular customer and a large part of my original Beatles collection was bought there on the day of release. In fact the only Beatles LP I know for certain I didn’t buy there was “Let It Be” because I was studying for my Law Finals then in Lancaster Gate and I remember now getting off the Central Line on my way home to go into HMV Oxford Street to buy that one. All my copies of Beatles singles and probably Magical Mystery Tour were bought there. Sadly though the music shop closed sometime in the late seventies and the new tenant was an Estate Agent. That was slightly better for my bosses business but not my music collection.

I think the owner was a bit of a folky at the time. My original mono copy of Pet Sounds was also bought there by the girls in the office for my 21st birthday present and I also recall buying Beggars Banquet and the first Traffic album there but other purchases are lost in the mist of time. Comment: David Lawson.

(May 13, 2015) It didn't close in the 1970, i remember buying my records in their from the early 70s and they guy running it wore a brown overall coat, maybe his mother was dead buy then, i paritcularly remeber when Sex Pistols 'Never Mind the Bollocks' came out he had a window display of it, and the police made him move it to the inside, then it was taken over by two younger guys in about 1982, they stayed there untill the mid 90s, they were well into dance music and i got many white labels from them in late 80s 1990. Too many experiences and too much time spent bunking off school and listening to lps in the boothes. Great memories. Comment: Bob Morris




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