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Mine is nothing so grand as the examples you mention, but Fox’s Record (& Tape!) Centre in Alfreton Derbyshire was very dear to me. I went to school in Alfreton (Mortimer Wilsons! - also long gone) and there often more kids in Fox’s than there were in the classrooms! The shop was nothing special, but had a nice atmosphere and you always knew where everything was. Fox’s sold records, tapes and 8-tracks in the 70s when I discovered it, got in early with CDs a decade later and also rented out a nice selection of video cassette films. You can see these on the left side of the picture.
This isn’t my photo, but it’s the only one I could find. I’m guessing from the Whitney Houston album in the window, this was from 1987. Fox’s closed its doors in 1993. Alfreton isn’t a big town, but by then WH Smith’s, Woolworths and Boots all sold records, tapes and CDs and they couldn’t compete. Wish I could find more pictures... The shop is as clear as a bell in my mind’s eye, but that’s not much use to this thread.:)

Great idea for a thread, BTW. What a shame we didn’t take more pictures back then!


Fox’s Records in Alfreton was my go-to place. During my school days we used to be in there every lunchtime.




Alfreton DE55 7FF Alfreton / Derbyshire

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