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Colin Ward

Fowey Radio in King Street, next to Millbay Laundry, sold gramophone records but only what is called today 78 rpm records. You would need about six records for a symphony!!


Dave Harwood
11 Oct 2023 at 04:34
I found an advert in the ‘Cornish Guardian’ dated 27th October 1960: “FOWEY RADIO Co., Ltd. Trafalgar Square, FOWEY Tel. 8129. Also 17 King Street, TRURO Tel. 2248.” ... and another in the 13th December 1934 issue: “GRAMOPHONE RECORDS! Large Stocks of: HIS MASTER'S VOICE, COLUMBIA, REGAL-ZONOPHONE, REX, STERNO, DECCA, BRUNSWICK, at the FOWEY RADIO COMPANY LTD. • BRANCHES: ST. AUSTELL, FOWEY, ST. BLAZEY, LOSTWITHIEL.”
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