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Brian Callow, Ronny Waters, Bob Burtenshaw, Guitar Mick, Mad Phil, sausage rolls from Lou's cafe next door, Giutar and chess lessons. A 2 pence piece taped to the arm on the record player. Brian's mk3 Cortina. Les Bawcutt, the governor from the Dulwich shop on his moped. Stray, led Zep, ACDC, dire straits, any guitar based music. Such memories! Comment: Ted Lismore.

Anyone remember BRIAN HAWKINS at Lordship Lane and later as manager of Deptford High Street branch? David Rose.

(Sept 13, 2014) Curator said:Denise your email does not work as I tried to contact you.

(July 3, 2014) Jeremy Hine said:Wow that paper bag brings back memories. I used to love popping into Follett's in Lordship Lane. Up 2 or 3 steps to the vinyl selection. I even remember the very first record I bought there though sadly not one you'd boast about. It was Stephen Smith and Father, a 7ish year old boy on drums & his dad who had won Opportunity Knocks. I wanted to be that boy! I remember picking it up and having the biggest grin. I mainly remember the lady in the shop though can't think of her name.

(May 23, 2014) Ted lismore said:His name was Brian Callow.

(May 13, 2014) Denise(prev. Hawkins) said:Yes I have full update on Brian Hawkins if David Rose wants to contact me and remember you and your Family well. Denise. Vennard @sky. Com

(Mar 31, 2014) John said:My Mum bought my first acoustic guitar from Folletts Record Shop about 1961 for approx £5.00, I loved that guitar, when I was about 14 I sprayed it multicolours, I used to buy most of my music from Folletts, or Reeds in Rye Lane, great times

(Mar 26, 2014) Anonymous said:Message for David Rose.
Yes I have complete update on Brian Hawkins, my first Husband.i also have photos of the shop and remember well our evenings with Gail,Tim and Kim and the music rehearsals in Stratford. Good times.Still have the first photo you took of my son Kevin who is now a Musician with royal ballet(principle percussionist) and also with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
Hope to hear from you.Best wishes Denise.

(Mar 24, 2014) Anonymous said:I am Denise Hawkins, Brian's first wife and have much information onBrianifyouneedit. Myers-mail address is Denise. Vennard@sky . Com. I remember David Rose and Familywell.

(Mar 24, 2014) pat and brian said:brians still got the 335 and still struggling.les bawcutt[pats dad] still going strong at nearly 90 but has traded his moped for a pushbike ha

(Mar 24, 2014) pat callow said:what great times we had.still have photo of ted with us at a party

(June 20, 2013) Lee Kluth said:What a wonderful place this was. Brian would order anything for you if he didn't have it in stock.
I remember Brian plaling his Gibson 335 behind the counter when things were quiet. If I remember correctly, one of his favourite albums was Johnny Winter's first or second album. He also liked a bit of Wishbone Ash...

(May 7, 2015) Follets of Deptford High Street. Manager would tune my guitar for me when I was a kid. I am new a guitar teacher and guitarist. I'd like to meet him again. Comment: Keith Taylor





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