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John Broven

(Mar 30, 2012) Tony May said:Having spoken to the owner of 'Second Spin' in Bexhill, Phillip Barrie, who took over the old Flywright premises in all likelihood the shop closed in 1984/5. Philip told me that Second Spin opened for business in Bexhill in 1985 so it must have been either this year or the previous I would say. Not sure why the shop failed as it always seemed busy whenever I was in there and Second Spin is still going today so it was nothing to do with the location.

(Mar 12, 2012) Tony May said:Not sure exactly when Flyright closed down but I do remember seeing a new 12" of Prince's - Let's Work in the shop so it must be around the early to mid 80's. Wish I'd bought that 12" actually because it was the only copy I've ever seen! Prince wasn't a big deal then. Picked up the original 12" of Wham Rap in the shop I remember that. Second Spin took over the premises shortly after Flyright Closed and is still in existence today (2012).

Flyright Records is a British record label incorporated in 1970 by Mike Leadbitter Blues Unlimited, Simon Napier, and Bruce Bastin. It specialises in reissuing pre and post war blues and jazz recordings. Mike and Simon knew the young Peter Guralnick
through his interest in writng about the blues.

Used to buy blues records there,mid 70's,good people,sent me to the wholesale department,next to the station.As a spotty awkward teenager,I would knock on the door,walk in,and give a list of records,to whoever was there.They always sorted me out,suggested better records and only charged wholesale....Times have changed.
Dave Haddon

Purchased CD "Live from Tilburg Holland 1971" recording of Ella Fitzgerald and Count Basie concert. I attended that concert at age 15. Bought this CD especially for track 9 "C Jam Blues" but on the CD it fades out several minutes early. Do you have a digital copy of the entire track? I would dearly love to have it. Thank you.
Timothy Sherman

I was the Principal comic with "The Fol-De-Rols" at the De La Warr in 1975. My friend the drummer, Pete lindup, and I spent a lot of time perusing the jazz in the shop and warehouse. Lovely days.
Alton Douglas
Hello. I"m curious where the photo materials for past Flyright pressings may have gone. There's a photo on the cover of FLY 609 of Happy Fats and Doc Guidry i'm trying to get a good high quality scan of. Any help appreciated. Thanks.WF
Wade Falcon

2019 Exhibtion Blues Unlimited Bexhill

FLYRIGHT RECORDS/SWIFT DISTRIBUTION Tel. Bcxhill (0424) 220028. Only supplier of the superb Johnny Jano rockabilly album (Flyright LP 531), while you're ordering, as for a copy each of the more rocking titles in the Jay Miller series. Excellent point of supply for rock'n'roll/rockabilly/ blues/r&b/cajun/jazz albums, mainly on suitably obscure American labels. Weak on 45's. Regular lists of nicely priced cut-outs and deletions, excellent ser- vice, thorough paperwork. Nine out of ten ,There areoneor two smallersuppliers that, ifyou really get involved and want to stay one jump ahead of your custom, you'll eventually get in touch with. A good idea is the Mark Lord Distribution van sales(telephone number elsewhere). These guys have put a van on the road stocked with specialist releases, such as RM, Rollercoaster, Billygoat, Charly, Starlite, President, Jayboy and others, plus a rather excellent Elvis mag/paper- back, resulting in a regular top-up ser- vice at regular prices that walks in through the door. Advantages are that you can play before you buy, no phone calls, no postage bill, no worries about lost orders. Mark Lord Distribution are always on the lookout forsmall, special- ist labels (and associated ephemera) and can offer a service for them that would be otherwise unavailable

Mike Cramp

Top contributor

Wish I could remember more but I think they imported loads of non mainstream music. Lots of Blues etc. From the states ? Nice people.

Flyright Records – Bexhill. 1970’s

Bill Palmer

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Blues Unlimited & Flyright

Records in Bexhill.

In 1962 Simon Napier set up the Blues Appreciation Society in Bexhill, and the following year, with researcher and discographer Mike Leadbitter, launched the magazine Blues Unlimited. With his interest in pre-war blues complementing Mike Leadbitter's interests in post-war electric blues, Simon Napier took responsibility for developing and expanding the magazine into an internationally recognised periodical.

After Mike Leadbitter's death in 1974, Simon Napier continued to manage the magazine, and also established Flyright Records, a record label and distribution company. He died from a heart attack in Bexhill, Sussex, in 1990, aged 51.

Simon had an Antiques shop in Sackville Road and when I worked for Mephams Removals if we were asked to 'dispose' of a tatty old piece of furniture or whatever, we would take it to Simon's shop. 👌😉





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