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Name: Madame Streggae
Comment: I remember bartering with the owner over a fairly well-used copy of 'Blue Beat Special' for a then extortionate £10.

Name: Mark Griffiths
Comment: I'm not sure whether it was always Flash Forward, but white Roots and Culture fan Paul was in there by the late 1980s. He wasn't in Buck Street too long, and had taken over a stall just ten spits away in the market by 1989. After that, he had a place in the big market building (is it known as Camden Stables?) further on up the road towards Chalk Farm. Smashing bloke, but the shop closed and I later learned that his drug problem had got the worst of him.

Yuthman Rockers says: Loved reading your detailed memories — I used to shop at the rarely mentioned basement record store, FLASH FORWARD in Camden Town, run by three total Shaka fanatics, who always had the best and rarest Shaka tunes and a box full of rare Shaka sound tapes. Shopping there was a total and mystic deep churchical education, which I will never forget




3 Buck Street NW1 8NJ Camden / London
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