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Punk 45

'The Jermz' recorded this historic single on 28th October 1977 at Pollen. It was financed by Feelgood Record shop and released by One Way Records. Produced by Urban Blitz (Doctors of Madness) The Jermz consisted of Nick Jackson (Vox), Mike Gibson (Gtrs) Kelvin Knight (Drums) and Aussie Spitfire (Bass). Former students of York Art School they only pressed 1000 copies of "Power Cut". It was their only release.

Today copies are rare because most were unsold and dumped in local landfill, so in terms of sought after vinyl it doesn't get much better than this 7" 45rpm. Furthermore, it was transferred to acetate at the Master Room, London by world famous engineer George "Porky" Peckham who only signed his favourite platters by scratching "a porky prime cut" in the run out groove on the disc. This Jermz single has this scarce accolade.




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