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Long established record shop mainly stocking vinyl. Since opening in 1963, the shop catered for many tastes, from rock & soul in the 60s, funk & disco in the 70s, punk & hip hop in the 80s, house & R.& B. in the 90s. Since closing at the end of 2004, the remaining old shop stock was sold online.

Comment:Dave Edwards
I remember Fearnley's on Linthorpe Road back in my years in Middlesbrough. I can distinctly recall buying Van Der Graaf Generator's 'Pawn Hearts' there after spending 23 minutes listening to it on headphones. Also much of my Pink Floyd, YES, Genesis and King Crimson collection came from there - along with the odd Beatles album and Fairport Convention. I bet Gill Denton (long lost school friend) bought Focus's 'Moving Waves' in Fearnley's - then loaned to me so that I too could become a fan of an obscure Dutch band!This is how we learned of new music - the record store. As well as Radio 1's John Peel, Radio Nordzee International, friends and gigs. No websites or music downloads back then, of course.I remember Alan with his beard - ever knowledgeable and informative. He think he sold tickets for gigs as well - in fact, sure of that as I recall him selling tickets for the student union gigs I organised back in my art college days.

Alan Fearnley records in Middlesbrough, early 70's My first single ("Popcorn" seeing as you ask) followed rather quickly by "Electric Warrior" then nirvana in the shapes of "Space Ritual" and more importantly "Live Dead" which led pretty quickly to informing the rest of my life. Heady stuff for a 15 year old sprog let me tell you. (especially in middlesbrough which sure as hell wasn't Haight Ashbury, just hell) Comment; phil & jenny

Alan Fearnley's Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough. Amongst other things it stocked nearly all the obscure (in the UK) High Energy twelve inches that were being played in the Northern Gay Clubs and which the mainstream record shops knew nothing about. I could have spent hours (and thousands) in there but, alas, I was a poor gay proto-Goth on the dole and I couldn't always afford the bus fare from Stockton. Comment: laneddie

Saturday mornings in the mid- to late-1970s regularly involved time spent rummaging through the racks of Hamiltons, The Record Shop and Fearnleys. Fearnleys used to have a numbered, handwritten list of punk/new wave singles just above the counter. Happy Days. Comment: Gordon Baxer.

(Feb 22, 2015) Remember late 70s being a regular customer here ,it was a great place to buy rare records ,disco etc
Comment: Neil Barron.

( December 11, 2015) My brother used to take me here to look for his records it was & still is the only shop to let you play your vinyl before you bought it beauty tunes & memories, long live VINYL . Comment: Michael Reilly.

Name Dave Jones Comment: Memories.....use to spent hours here as it was the main place in the Boro for punk music and new Wave also good heavy metal, Alan would always get hold of punk records which were normally only available in the London area, he got me loads of records from The Damned, Sex Pistols, the clash, Saxon, Motorhead etc, it's a shame it's still not there but thinking about it the youth of today don't appreciate real music they listen to rubbish and x factor......butter horrible, Up The Boro. (Nov 5, 2016).

Name Phil Browm Comment:It was a regular haunt for me when I was a student up there. Always an interesting selection of records and staff who knew what they were talking about and able to point you in new directions. I seem to recall Chris Rea sometimes working there and he introduced me to the excellent of Back Door who used play at the Lion in Blakey Ridge. (Feb 19, 2017)

Name Steve Norman Comment: Memories. I used to pop into Fearnleys every Thursday after work on payday.
They used to have two boxes of imported singles from the USA of which I would spend ages choosing and listening to.
My music being jazz/funk/soul. I clearly remember buying my 1st 12" single from there.Gary's Gang - Keep on Dancing circa 1978
Life was so simple then!!! (April 29, 2017)

Relation has passed away and I have for sale about 60 vintage 78 records 15 LP and 10 45 if you are interested or if you could put me in touch with someone that would be interested
Thank you
Tony O'Callaghan

I used to drop in Fearnley's every friday afternoon when i finished work, i'd walk in and say "Ey up Alan out new in" and he'd always say "i've put a few away for you might like" it was such a friendly place i miss them days
Dave Little

In 1970 I was listening to the John Peel show when he played a couple of tracks from a little-known Frank Zappa discovery called 'Wild Man Fisher'. Less than an hour later, I was in Fearnley's, asking if he had the double album, 'An evening with Wild Man Fisher.' I was sure he would be stumped. Without batting an eyelid he said, "It's just been released. Come back on Monday." I did, and he a copy.
Trevor Wadlow

Opening comments says it opened in 1963 I think Alan was just a lad then!
John Stafford
The 'other' Alan was very good with dance music imports. Always worth a look even though (for me) Hitsvilsl in Newcastle was my store of choice,
Martyb Cain




Fearnleys Record Shop Middlesbrough

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