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Keith Mitchell recalls one of his visits to Ezy Ryder in the mid-seventies:

"I loved Ezy Rider Records stall in Greyfriars Market, which I remember from the mid 1970s. It was a delight to browse, superbly stocked, and great for rarities which were stashed out of harm's reach. I was a schoolkid from Fife and loved making trips to town on vinyl hunts, however, the main guy at Ezy Ryder was a diminutive, volatile, dark-haired chap with a Glasgow-type accent, the crabbiest record salesperson - or any kind of salesperson - I ever encountered anywhere in the world! He’d have been early to mid-20s, intimidating to a 13-15 year-old.

"In the early 1990s, living in Aberdeen, I attended a record fair; casually asking a stallholder if they had anything by Krautrock band Faust, I was stunned into silence by a mighty roar of abuse “WE SELL MUSIC, NO F****** NOISE!!!” in that Glaswegian accent. I was certain, with such a random outburst of record rage, it could be none other than the crabby record stall guy from Ezy Ryder, with grey hairs added by the years."


Dave Harwood
19 Jan 2024 at 02:45
I found this advert in 'The Scotsman' dated 9th March 1979: “NEW ALBUMS AT LOWEST PRICES! Thousands of Bargains ALWAYS IN STOCK AT EZY RYDER RECORDS, GREYFRIARS MARKET, 14 FORREST ROAD.”



Greyfriars Market, 14 Forrest Road EH1 2QN Edinburgh / Scotland
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