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Name: Dave Harwood
Comment: Adverts in the local press and 'Practical Electronics' magazine show that this shop was open from at least 1961 to 1970, but I first became aware of it in the mid-1960s. They had boxes of second-hand singles and LPs on display in the central doorway at reasonable prices (i.e. 'Basie at Birdland' for 16/6d). The interior looked more like a trade counter than a shop but this gradually changed over the years until it became a proper record shop - Broad Green Record Centre - in the early 1970s.

Whoever was running the second-hand record section of Electronics at 266 London Road, Croydon must have previously worked in a record shop. They used a numbering system, written in biro on the back of the LP sleeve (which was out on display) and on the inner sleeve containing the vinyl record (which was kept in a rack behind the counter to deter thieves). The number on 'Basie At Birdland' (released in 1961) was 1387 priced at 16/6. Later on they added a prefix letter i.e. 'Hums Of The Lovin' Spoonful' (released in 1966) was D228 and the price had increased to 19/6.

I don't know if Broad Green Record Centre inherited the stock of records from Electronics when they started trading from the same address (sometime after June 1971), but they continued using a similar numbering system. I bought 'Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only The Piano Player' by Elton John (1972) for £1.50 with the number AA290.

Name: Dave Harwood
Comment: There was an advert in the ‘Records Wanted’ section of Disc & Music Echo, dated 3rd August 1968, which read: 15/- EACH paid for Elvis and Jim Reeves LPs. Cash by return. - J Bull, 266 London Road, Croydon.
The last advert in Practical Wireless magazine to have ELECTRONICS (CROYDON) LTD as the main company name was in the June 1971 edition, which reads: ELECTRONICS (CROYDON) LTD. Post & Trade orders to (Dept. P.W.) J. Bull (Electrical) Ltd., 7 Park Street, Croydon CR0 1YD. Callers to: 102/3 Tamworth Road, Croydon. Broad Green Record Centre must have started trading at 266 London Road sometime after June 1971.

Name: Dave Harwood
Comment: I don't know if it was connected to Electronics (Croydon) Limited, but there was an unusual shop unit, selling second-hand records, next-door-but-one to their 102/3 Tamworth Road, Croydon branch in the late 1960s. I found 'It Don't Bother Me' by Bert Jansch in a box of LP record sleeves on display outside and took it inside the very small shop to buy it. The shop was attached to the 'Railway Bell' pub building, on the corner of North End, Croydon and I don't think it lasted very long as the pub building eventually became a branch of 'Bus Stop' clothes boutiques.




266 London Road CR0 2TH Croydon / London
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