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Dave Harwood
06 Mar 2024 at 03:14
I found this notice in the 'Bucks Herald' dated 12th September 1941: “DRUCE & CO., LTD. HAVE RE-OPENED IN BAKER STREET, W.1. The complete destruction by bombs of their old premises has necessitated dispersing their many departments throughout Baker Street, BUT ALL ARE WITHIN A STONE’S THROW OF THE OLD SITE. Furniture, Carpets, Soft Furnishings, Linens, Stationery, Toys, Turnery, Secondhand Furniture at No. 3; Auction Galleries at No. 54; Removals Dept at No. 56; Fashion House at No. 72; Electric, Radio, Gramophones at No. 78. Telephone: WELbeck 8191 (10 lines).”
... and this classified advert in the 'Fulham Chronicle' dated 24th May 1946:
“JUNIOR assistant required for gramophone department; training given; staff canteen. Call or write giving particulars of experience and salary required to Staff Office, Druce and Co., Ltd., 59, Baker Street, W.1.”



Baker Street W1 Marylebone / London
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