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It used to be on a side street down the side of the rag market, theres a brief glimpse of it on the south bank show ub40 special. the main guy used to work there was a rasta chap name Ezra. You used to be able to hear the windows shaking with the bass from the bus station across the road !

I collected allot of house in the 8ts up until 92, and the place to buy that early on was Don Christies, which was always an experience for a white kid, proper record shop where they would play that weekend's new releases, and you knodded when you liked it and they flung it on your pile...Don was known for reggae and was the place for the Black community in brum. Mal C- soul source forum.

Jim Stamps august 4, 2014 at 12:37 Ladypool Rd , Sparkbrook. Used to buy my reggae records here. In the 70’s.

Loved this place it was loud, i used to get my hip hop imports from here i would spend a weeks wage on tunes easy £150 back then id come home with 10 LPs...
Alfie Gardner

Bob King
february 1, 2015 at 19:40 for more click here
The good old days before i was driving. I’d visit Don Christies in Ladypool Road to buy my reggae… always smelled of cannabis inside. Got some gems tho’…Kingston Towm by the Lord Creator & Guilty by Tiger…..still got them. Used to go to Greens records afterwards to see what new dance stuff was around…..still see John Corbett from time to time. I’d then take a stroll down the Stratford road & go in all the junk shops to see if i could find any oldies i was after…….good old times.

Had big problems getting Reggae of any description ordered here in Northampton, and Don Christie’s in Brum was the absolute place to go, the atmosphere, smell and sound were absolute Reggae heaven!!!
Alan Garner
DC Chauhan

Every Saturday morning to spend me wages 🤣👍🏽

Miss that place


Andy Martini
06 Jun 2023 at 09:31
Wasn't it hardcore DJ Shock-C who thrashed out the tunes downstairs? I got most of my Belgium techno from DCs. Great place, sadly missed. T'was always very loud with all sorts of music, and the best ever chippy+donut place just around the corner next to where Summit Records used to be...happy dayz!
camilla Phillips
06 Jun 2023 at 09:35
I used to visit Don Christie shop every saturday at the bottom of ladypool rd to buy records. My dad had lots of parties Blues..I went there from the age of 10yrs, that would have been 1970 till it moved to the city centre at he side of Rag market. He always looked after me as soon as i went in with my list he would sort it out and order in from Jamaica when needed. The atmosphere in the shop was amazing i loved going there.Because i was so young everyone was very kind loved it.
Dave Harwood
04 May 2024 at 01:15
I found this advert in the 'Birmingham Mail' dated 14th January 1988: “DON CHRISTIE Records requires a person knowledgeable in Reggae and Soul. The person must able to work under his or her initiative. Tel. 622 5420.”
Trevor ( part owner of Don Christie’s with Ezra)
09 May 2024 at 08:58
I Trevor Junior of Don Christie’s is/was part owner of Don Christie records when Don called both myself and Ezra to sign an agreed Document on this! As for main man after Don I was the one who turned records/Stock into money to keep that shop( next to the bullring going! Ezra only got the stock and I with the late Everton Jacobs, & GT, & various Dj’s who contributed to our Jungle music downstairs! I left before it went into liquidation still part owner and I’ll leave the rest for another day!



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