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Brighton had been the location for first record shop in George St. The even managed to get in Glen Millers son in for a celeb autograph session. Attracting some local teenage girl fans.

Brighton Dobells Brownie McGee

In 1958, the date of the photo, I was a 14 year old in Portsmouth and already turning my back on pop music. Listening to skiffle led me into Trad Jazz and one of the first concerts was at Portsmouth Guildhall with my favourites, The Chris Barber Band. Not only them but there were going to be two American guest musicians with them. Unless you lived through those years, you have no idea how exotic that seemed. For a variety of reasons, Britain was starved of American performers.

The band were great but when Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee were introduced, I was transfixed. A whole new universe was opening up for me. My Saturday afternoon trawl of the city's second hand record shop clutching my paper round money gave me new areas to search out.

I can't remember when I found this album; it could not have been until at least 1960 when it was released - but it is still on my vinyl shelves. Vic Smith




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