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(May 21, 2014) Anonymous said:Happy memories does anyone have any photos!

Paul Mortimer 'Yes! As a Derby lad, I started my record-buying times at home in Derby. Dixons of Sadler Gate, smack-dab in the town centre, was one of the major record shops of the sixties / seventies era. A wonderful vinyl cornucopia! The location did remain a disc shop under other names for a spell after it ceased to be Dixons. My main historical note - I bought my first-ever LP at Dixons, which was a short walk up the road from where I worked as a teenage apprentice at the Vauxhall dealership. The LP? It was the epoch-making Jimi Hendrix Experience, a first-day issue of his debut LP 'Are You Experienced?'and I also remember buying 'Electric Ladyland' from Dixon's too!' (June 23, 2016).

David M. 'I've got lots of happy memories associated with Dixons. It was a well-stocked and friendly record shop, from where I bought some monumental records- mainly from summer '66 to around 3 years later. I used to work across the road (in Sadlergate)so Friday lunchtime "visits to Dixons were frequent; I just got paid, what record can I buy"?! My main memories are of buying Beatles records there; I bought Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (mono issue)on its day of release in June 1967, and later the now super-rare "Let It Be" box set (PXS1)album - I've still got that. They sold me many other great albums - all the Who stuff of that time, Steve Miller Band's Brave New World, Spirit's 12 Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus, etc...and my also bought lots of goodies - Canned Heat, several Hendrix first issue LPs, Traffic etc... we were such hip kids!'(June 23, 2016).

Real misty-eyed memories!

This was my family’s business. My parents started it after the war. They ran it until 1979 and then let the premises to Siren Records. It was the largest record shop outside HMV in Oxford St in London. The pop department was a great meeting place for the young of Derby and the classical department was noted for my mother, Doris Dixon’s fantastic knowledge of classical music. It was also an electrical shop.

Louise Dixon

My Dad Ken Griffin worked for Dixons in the 1950s. I remember riding in their black Morris J-type van with big gold lettering "Dixons". George Dixon was a distinguished chap with cream jacket and bow tie. Knew the family well as a boy.



I worked at Siren Records in the early 80's, in fact I started in 1980 I believe? and I was there for 2 or 3 years, I remember the classical department got moved from the basement to the much bigger ground floor and the basement became the Rock / Pop department, I mainly worked in the basement and it was so busy at weekends, I remember Dale Winton shopping there in his radio days, he was very nice chap, I believe the shop changed it's name again but I can't remember what to.

Douglas Robinson (2023)

Michael Nearly Drechsler

Does anyone remember DIXONS record shop at the green.They had a little room you could listen to records in.Was opposite the wimpey bar.Spent many dinner hours in there listening to the likes of Deep Purple and Led Zeppellin in their "POSH" headphones the size of dustbin lids,which Iam told have made a comeback!

Sue Permom

I do remember the Record shop! Used to be hilarious watching people who were listening to music with headphones. They,d burst into song, fogetting that everyone else could here them!! LOL

Hilary Christensen

haha My friends and I listened to Motown there and alot of Al Green

Sue Permom

I,ve still got ALL my records, including the very 1st one I ever bought... Diana Ross and the Supremes Where Did Our LOve Go. Its even got the removable middle bit!! LOL. Those old records have travelled with me from England to Africa and now live in a safe cupboard here in Australia!

Elaine Betts

Does anyone remember the day when The Real Thing came to the record centre when they had their number one hit "You to me are everything" ?

Steve Haberfield

There used to be a girl that worked in Record Center that all the lads at LEGS when I was there used to fancy,and we'd go in there just to see her on the pretends of enquiring about records.

Geoff Carter

Top contributor

Dixons was below the Oxford billiard hall. Wallis on Derby Road, Watts on Station Road and Draycott's on Derby Road bridge all sold records. Just found a sleeve from Dixons 71 Market Place. Just look at that single: Shorty Long - Chantilly Lace on Tamla Motown.

Sam Marshall

Geoff Carter I worked there Saturday Mornings ordered lots of Motown and Atlantic plus lots of other soul music the record you mention I probably ordered 10 ordered when first came out


Dave Harwood
21 Nov 2023 at 09:47
I found this piece in the 'Long Eaton Advertiser' dated 24th September 1965: “OPENING OF NEW RECORD BAR. A record specialist shop was opened in Long Eaton on Thursday. The premises at 72, Market Place (adjoining Oxford Cafe), belong to Dixon's Record Bar, who have two shops in Derby. The managing director, Mr. G. Dixon said the shop would sell predominantly records, catering both for the popular music fans, medium brows and highbrows, record players, radios and radiograms. Facilities will include listening booths and self-service browserie.”
tom girn
21 Dec 2023 at 04:27
I remember Dixons and Siren records. Bought all my records in these shops more than 40 (?) years ago. Used to go in and look at records couldn't afford to buy then. Which one was in the basement on Sadler Gate?



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