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Disci was a chain owned by Barry Class and he had 11 Discis in all.

Name: Bruce Findlay.
Comment: Managed the Westbourne Grove branch and also ran the Piccadilly shop in the evenings... December 1966 to summer of 1967... fab times!
(27 August 2015)

Name: Ron Fox
Comment: I worked at Disci Westbourne Grove briefly in about 1967.

Name: Wendy Mullis
Comment: My first job was in Disci in Bletchley. I loved the shop, I was Saturday girl, part-time, holidays… I had the keys, I ordered stock, did the top 20 returns. Wish it had lasted longer.

After 50+ years, a man walked up to me in the street and said he remembered me from the shop.

The shop was only there about 3 or 4 years. I was there 1967 to maybe early 1970 when it became a jewellers and I stayed with the shop!

Two of the ‘managers’ I worked with were John Lee-Smith & Bob Shipton, the High Street was renamed Queensway and we had a speaker that played out onto the street, it was a vibrant, thriving town in the 1960s and on Saturdays it was busy all day, all the different genres of music playing in the booths at same time!

One record we were ‘asked’ to play on repeat was by Clyde Mc Phatter, trying to get it in the charts, I think I only sold one copy… also the Flirtations, Fascinations, and Foundations I think were managed by the company. All on Pye records, on a pale blue label.

I bought the Beatles' white album then and it was one of the first batch released, I wasn’t keen on it, so much to my later regret, I sold it on to a friend who lost it to a boyfriend, before realising its supposed value.

I remember a ‘Barry’ (Class?) coming to the shop, when I was temporarily manageress, who could never remember my name and referred to me as doll-babe, I expect he was mortified to find a 15-year-old looking after the shop! But it was by far the best job I had and happiest place to work.

Name: Phil Banfield
Comment: I used to go into Disci almost every day and listen to all the new rock albums in the booths. I then decided my career following encouragement from BYC to try and get into the music business. I got a job at Barry Class Agency in Westbourne Grove above a record store - I had no idea Barry owned Disci Bletchley. At the time they represented Warm Dust, Brian Auger, Steamhammer, Skin Alley, Edgar Broughton, etc. The rest is history and 54 years later I'm still in the music business.




100 Westbourne Grove W2 5RU Bayswater / London
23 Watford Way NW4 3JH Hendon / London
84 The Broadway UB1 1QD Southall / London
90 Bletchley Road, Bletchley Bletchley / Buckinghamshire
36 High Street, Rugby CV21 3BW Rugby / Warwickshire
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