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Name: Marc Griffiths
Comment: Would be interested to hear of anyone who remembers this shop. I saw the ad in Black Music magazine and realising that I could get a Green Line coach from the bottom of my road in Streatham, I made the journey to Watford a couple of times during what must have been late 1974 or early 1975. The shop was set in a small precinct and I only remember what looked to me to be a middle-aged white lady behind the counter. I bought a few Trojan 45s for about 20p each. She offered to play my selections for me but my naive 14-year-old self declined with the result that I bought a few absolute bummers!
(15 May 2015)

Name: Brian Peters.
Comment: I went there at least twice, due to their advertising pre-releases, I can remember the shop well, not very big but having a great selection of soul records. I remember buying some Invictus albums, and being served by an older lady. Somebody told me at the time it was a front, how true this was I don't know, but it was quite tucked away, so I can't see how they did much trade. I went back a few months ago to have a look, and the shop is still there, not selling records of course. Does anybody know how long it lasted? And does anyone have any more information about the owners?
(6 October 2015)

Name: Ian Jakeman
Comment: I don't recall it lasting a long time - I remember dub reggae played always - I lived round the corner - I also remember the 20p records and I think it had been a baker's previously - The racking was the original shop's and I do recall the singles in racks that had once held bread buns.

Other local shops in the precinct were electrical, news, veg, launderette, jewellers, Chinese, butchers, model railway shop - it was a strange place for that sort of shop - at least 10 minutes from Watford town centre.




22 Vicarage Road WD18 0EL Watford / Hertfordshire
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