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Name: Mark Griffiths
Comment: Used to visit this regularly in 1974-76. The shop was actually split in two, with the Slipped Disc selling new releases at the front (it had been there since about 1967) and Disc Deletions at the back. DD had rack upon rack of ex-warehouse 45s at 10p a pop, including labels distributed by Melodisc and Island. I bought Prince Buster's 'Johnny Cool' on Fab from there. There were also plenty of other labels and titles, many of which were completely unsellable. I picked up a Lena Martell 45 on Pye for my old man's birthday gift!

Name: Simon Clery
Comment: Maybe I sold it to you, having worked with my late uncle John Clery (the owner) for a couple of years before going to HMV Oxford Street. After that stint we opened a record outlet in a tourist market at Piccadilly Circus under the Guinness Clock named Kleptomania. When 'The Slipped Disc' expanded next door on Lavender Hill, Clapham Junction the new premises was opened by Desmond Dekker the week the #1 hit Israelites was top of the charts.
(28 June 2015)

Name: Jimi King
Comment: I used to work at The Slipped Disc in the early 1970s. Around that time there was an 8-track section on the left as you looked from the front. The rest of the shop was taken up with albums and singles. There were also branches at Clapham Common, Kleptomania, Piccadilly (as mentioned by Simon), and another stall in an arcade around the corner in Coventry Street.




Lavender Hill SW11 Battersea / London
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