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Blowing my own history. My stall, the Dime Store, in the basement of 253 Portobello, 1973/74. Much later would become the basement of Culture Shack. Brain Nevill
Adam Blake Bloody hell, I never realised that was your stall. I bought The Count Bishops "Speedball" EP off you there in 1976. Changed my life.
Brian Nevill I actually closed in mid-'74. I don't think there was another record stall at 253 after that. You may be confusing me with Ted Carroll at Rock On in Golborne Road?
Adam Blake No I definitely bought it at 253. Was it in the basement of a clothes shop?
Adam Blake You were kind to me when I was 15. Let me listen to Jimi Hendrix albums when you knew I couldn't afford to buy them. It's never too late to say 'thank you'!
Brian Nevill Ha ha! That's where you're familiar from! They were doubtless bootlegs. If I still had them I'd give them to you! (Sky High?)




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