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John Edney

She was really knowledgeable around music as well as being a lovely person, I once asked her to get an obscure record which no one had heard of, she had it within a week. I wouldn't go anywhere else for records , whatever you wanted she would order it no deposit on trust . You wouldn't get that service now I guess , my mum worked in the wool shop across the road and sometimes May would drop my records off to her . Good times and good people in those days .

Brian Goulding

Got my first record there in 1959 time flys by.

Jim Farrell

I was a regular in Deejays, East Street, until I got taken into Care in 1979 and put in a children's home in Sidcup. Though I became a regular in Sidcup record shops, I never realised Deejays were the same company

Mick Perkins

Became May Smiths in the 60’s I bought my first single [Pictures of Lily) and album (Sgt Pepper) there!

Eileen Fernandez

I lived opposite in Stanford place May always had all the new chart records I must have spent all my pocket money in there on a Friday




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