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(June 27, 2014) Steve Jones said:58 Dean Street was actually quite a small shop inside but it did issue a catalogue from time to time and advertised in Films and Filming magazine - now also defunct. For me the main point of interest was its huge stock of import soundtrack lps and singles from Italy which you could not get anywhere else in London. For Morricone collectors there was nowhere else to go in the early 1970s .

(Oct 24, 2013) Anonymous said:First opened by Keith prowess and then by the Ali family who sold it to harliqiun records

(Jan 18, 2013) jimmy The Moonlight said:58 Records was the place to go for soundtracks and cast recordings. I think it relocated to Coventry Garden before closing down in the late 90s.

( August 26, 2015) Found a gem of a soundtrack I had been searching for years for in 58 Dean street records, after a customer I served who bought a lot of OST's mentioned trying there when I worked in Tower Records. To my disbelief they had it. Took the tube there that day after work and 25 years later the LP is still mint. Indy record stores like this are sorely missed. Comment:
Gerry W

Keith Schooling " Spent many a hour in there i remember a guy called donald and the twins who helped me with marilyn monroe records and memorobilia." (April 29, 2016)

I travelled from Deepest Darkest Wales in 1979 to visit this wonderful shop. Spent a couple of hours there and came away with some imported OST... The Reivers and Cinderella Liberty both by John Williams. It was a fascinating shop. I loved it there

John Grey

Loved this shop, went there every time l was in London, spent hours looking for John Barry and jerry goldsmith soundtracks, really nice guys who worked their, miss it a lot

Mark Eade (2020)

always went there nearly every week and found something Derek was the owner when i went there with the twins as well behind counter also Michael Jones was there before them great shop.


Photo from the film Adventures of a Taxi Driver 1976 shot on location in London.

Extract From Chris Difford 'Some Fantastic Place'.


Danny Griffith-David
21 Jun 2023 at 03:44
Derek Braegar who I believe owned the shop was a great friend of my Mum, Norma. He was a kind, funny and generous man and a good friend. This was the only shop to stock Ben Bagley compilations and Broadway cast records and Bobby Short showtune albums.



58 Dean Street Soho / London

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