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My local sources confirm that Rodigan sold records from the railway arches under Peckham Rye London . Wikipedia also has been selling in Putney and Oxford. I have so not found out if his outlets had a name.
Rodi definately sold records from a stall in Oxford market as I've seen 45s sleeves stamped with his name ('Ram Jam Rodigan') and address details. Comment: Mark Griffiths.

I now know that he had use of a shop in the arcade at the side of Peckam Rye Station. The curator

Ram Jam’s Record Shack was a success and I opened another branch at Putney Saturday market in south-west London, near to my flat. Eventually I managed to scrape the money together to buy a Morris 1100 so I could put the records in the boot and drive up and down from London to Oxford – clap, bang, wallop until the wheels came off. I spent many months running those stalls until I landed a new acting job. Even then, Ram Jam’s didn’t shut down – I set up a mail-order business which I advertised in the
back of the weekly Black Echoes music newspaper: ‘Get your records from Ram Jam’s Record Shop’.​
Rodigan: My Life in Reggae




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