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Comment: David T
Comment: My earliest record shop memory growing up in Northwood was Darvills. It seemed terribly old-fashioned and as a child I was terrified of the owner who looked like the guy from 10 Rillington Place to me (no offence or actual resemblence intended). I used to love seeing the colourful Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley Pye albums in the window and wondering what they sounded like.

Name: Chris Medland
Comment: Started buying 78s from Darvills in 1946 after my wind-up Columbia arrived as a Christmas present. Later I bought an HMV record player from them after LPs arrived. A lady ran the shop initially but then it was taken on by E H Munnion who at one time I believe had been a successful set designer for Ultra. He was somewhat withdrawn but introduced me to the early days of Hi-Fi and we got on OK.




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