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( March 6, 2015)However, to get back on track we cross the High Road and head for the shop of Ephraim Barret aka Count Shelley – a pioneering and most popular local sound system operator who, in early 70s, was the resident DJ at the fabled Four Aces. Of course, his reputation as a sound man and selector ensured he was always in possession of the latest singles from JA and was constantly plied with acetates of tunes well in advance of their release.

Count Shelley's Sound... I have a feeling this wikkid shot was taken by the inimitable lensman Dennis Morris who hails from DalstonShelley knew what rocked the dancefloor and accordingly his shop boasted an array of compilation albums and excellent 7” releases on his own Count Shelly label. Along with UK based artists like Honey Boy, Gene Rondo, Roy Shirley and Laurel Aitken he released music from the JA stars of the day – Delroy Wilson, I Roy, Dillinger, Alton Ellis, Prince Jazbo, Errol Dunkle.
Confirming Count Shelley’s vision it he who first released Topper Zukie’s majestic ‘Man A Warrior’ – an album that became the stuff of legend due to the writings of Penny Reel, a youth man of Stamford Hill origin who also roamed that same High Road.
The Art Of Buying Reggae. Paul Bradshaw

Paul Bradshaw 'The Art of Buying Reggae Music' by Stereophonic-Supply.Co on Mixcloud




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