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Angela Carter probably meet her husband at the West Kensington shop.


Dave Harwood
08 Apr 2024 at 03:35
I found this piece in the 'Daily News (London)' dated 3rd July 1958: “POPS' DROP HITS SMALL SHOPS: THE drop in sales of records has hit hundreds of small shops which opened during the disc boom last year. Though the big record companies still say business is fine - any slump is only a seasonal summer one, dozens of small shops have already gone out of business. Up to January this year record sales were still soaring and that month's
output of records, 9,100,000 was the highest ever. But in February they began to drop - and they have gone on dropping. Classical and pure jazz records have not been so badly hit. Mr. Colin Pomroy, owner of a Charing Cross Road record shop, said last night: “The trouble was that too many people tried to jump on the pop record band-wagon. You even got greengrocers, tobacconists, coffee-bars and furnishing stores selling records.”
Dave Harwood
09 Apr 2024 at 08:48
A discography of Colin Pomroy's 'Jazz Collector' & 'Collector Records' productions are at this link:



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