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(Sept 18, 2014) Martin Harrison said:Yes - there was definitely a Cloud 9 in Bexleyheath Broadway. I did much of my formative record buying there in the early 1980s. It was about half way along, just down from Christ Church, just a few doors up from (what was then) the Golden Lounge coffee (which I think played a part in Dave Godin's - of Deep Soul Treasures fame - early years, and was just opposite a branch of OK records (who also had a branch in Welling and possibly Dartford). Shop was staffed by a chap and a younger lady (father and daughter possibly?) - excellent knowledge. Small shop but packed with great stock. I moved away from the area but think it closed in the mid / late 90s (or possibly early noughties?). Shop is now a nail bar / salon - sad. But many happy memories of Cloud 9.

(Sept 16, 2014) Anonymous said:also was a Cloud 9 on Bexleyheath Broadway

(Jan 15, 2013) Ian N said:There was a record shop in Downham, SE London called Cloud 9. It was right near the Downham Pet Store. They always had 7" stock when everyone else had sold out of the top 10! They were there til the mid 80's - last single I bought was Kirsty MacColl "A New England"

On Cloud 9, I remember being in there when "True" by Spandau Ballet got to Number One, and there was this soul boy there with his mum, and he asked the guy in the shop who was Number 1 and went "yes!!!!" when he was told. Always thought that was a bit sad.

Amanda Gage 'Hi there, Great site but the way, thanks for keeping the history of the independent record shop alive! I'm proud to say I grew up, literally, in both The Downham and Bexleyheath Cloud 9 shops from being just a few months old to my early twenties when I ran the Bexleyheath shop for my dad for a short time until unfortunately after about 22 years he sold it on. It was the coolest thing growing up with our parents owning these shops! ' ( May 13, 2016)

​Name Andrew New Comment: My dad Arthur New ran "The Little Barber" just down the road from Cloud 9. As I remember the chap who ran it had a private pilot's licence and took us all up for a fly around Kent one day because he was mates with dad. Rather a lot of years ago now, probably early 1980's.(Jan 21, 2017)

Name James Gage Comment:My Dad owned that shop - and it was fabulous! The smell of vinyl and plastic sleeves combined with cigarette smoke (when you still could!) I have a photographic memory of album covers as a result. And yes - he did (does) have a pilots license! (May 21, 2017)

Name Justin Harris Comment: I remember the opening of the Wimbledon branch .bunked off swimming class to see the specials and the Selecter and got their autographs at the shop 1980. (July 14th, 2017).

I worked at Cloud 9 Bexleyheath for 10 years. Really fond memories. Independent shops demise a real shame. No computers in my day had to remember everything. A lot of our customers were DJ's. Friendly rivalry with tw records. Lost touch with Eddie the owner but remember his family fondly.

Great news that vinyl is making a come back.

Julie Pearson

The Bexleyheath cloud 9 also had some early video games out back. When with the correct friends we still quote from the Star Wars game we played whilst “bunking off”.

Brian Hedges

Justin Harris I was there too, I walked out of school with a large group of mates (Priory School) and all marched down to Cloud 7 in our school uniforms. The crowd outside was pushing and shoving and I think the front window went in. I remember staff threw two tone stickers from one of the upstairs windows and I grabbed one to get their autographs on it.Pauline Black was lovely but Terry Hall was rude and ignored me. Good memories but are you sure it was for the opening of the shop, I seem to remember going to Cloud 7 before that. Anyhow in the 80's it changed to Goodness records.

Damond Robinson


Daniel Letchford
11 Feb 2024 at 11:02
Used to love going in there. Especially impressed by the collection of picture discs displayed behind the counter: Iron Maiden being particularly prominent. On a side note, just down and across the road was OK Records (just down from the fishmonger's with the barrel of live eels). As a 10 year old I once picked up randomly a Duran Duran album (Seven and then Ragged Tiger). Bloke behind the counter: "Go and be sick somewhere else mate!" ,,,😂
Dave Clark
19 Feb 2024 at 08:59
I remember Cloud 9 in Bexleyheath, I also remember the shop in Well Hall Road just after the greengrocers.



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