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Ray Jeffery

Used to by records from Cloud 7 for our disco MIRAJE 🤩

Guy Fisher

Use to go into cloud 7 and buy all the punk and new wave stuff

Gavin Wybrow

Cloud 7 became Our Price.

Sooo, St Albans. The Record Room in chequer street was the oldest shop - opened in the early 50s, I believe. Then circa 1971 came Cloud 7 (with their swish purple bags) who had a unit in the then new Heritage Close precinct. Not long after that Harlequin moved into St Peter's Street, so by the 1970s there were three. Our Price bought out Harlequin in the 80s and Cloud 7 disappeared overnight. So when Our Price closed it only left the Record Room (rather fitting, I always thought). Sadly they also closed when the proprietor died in 2012. Probably spent most of my teenage years in these shops. So much better than the likes of Virgin, HMV etc that followed. musicman56


10 Nov 2023 at 03:29
Used to manage this store in the mid 70's. Small by vibrant space which my team worked hard to make a happening place......great days 5 lifetimes ago



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