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I worked in The Portobello Rd Branch on Saturdays for a while. I remember that Saturdays seem to be just one big party!.We had an arrangement with a the pub opposite and we drank beer all day and listened to great music. Hamid Mantu-Transglobal Underground

I was Manager of Cloud Seven records Hounslow for most of the 1970s, don't know if anyone remembers,happy days.When I first went there to manage the shop it was still owned and called Musicland,the best retailer I ever worked for,they just let you get on with it,so much freedom, I had a couple of vans delivering the latest American imports ,all sealed. I remember how thrilling it was when they showed me the first couple of Neil Young albums ,several weeks before British release,oh what bliss,ha!! Anyway that's enough from me,but if you are an old customer,or friend please contact me at any time, thanks Robin (now known as Rob) PS You will also find me on Facebook, just look for my name Robin Robertson, I am the one with the white hat and glasses .Music is my first love and it will be my last.
I used to manage that store - CLOUD 7 not cloud 9 . Used to arrange appearances as you remember also were Madness and Dexy's on tour together that day ! 4 hours late, broken front window, freaked out headmaster's from local schools BUT the best time for all the thousands of kids who bunked off school !!!
Mike W

There was also a Cloud 7 on Wimbledon Broadway. A home from home.
Colin Adkins

Hi Robin, I worked with you for awhile in Hounslow and Putney and also shops in Wimbledon, Ealing, St Albans, and Portobello road. A great time in my life, will never forget the party atmosphere especially Saturday afternoon in Portobello shop full of customers and Springsteen's born to run or Ted Nugent's strangle hold the volume cranked up high.
Martyn Lee

Hi Martyn, how have you been, did you carry on working in the "music business" ? You and I had some fun and "improved" various Cloud 7 stores. Me first in St.Albans, Herts then later Wimbledon and Putney. You were my chauffer from Ealing where I lived above Dave's store, now a shopping mall and still listed on my UK driving license ! We did some amazing things in Wimbledon, converting back of store to a singles department (even bought an old Rockola jukebox and loaded it with the pub rock/punk singles). Supporting all the local Punks, later to become famous/infamous in their own right. The whole of the Twotone tour arriving 2 hours late, losing one of the stores front window and me having to placate the local police, schools and parents, but the kids got a chance to meet the Specials, Madness, The Selector and Dexys Midnight Runners: many stories to tell - and worth the aggro!
You followed me into the merchandising business, then we lost touch with one another. I carried onto "bigger"(ha ha tee hee) things and have had a successful career in the music business and publishing, etc.,etc..
But through all of that my days at Cloud 7 managing various stores was a great time in my life.
Mick/Mike Warlow

I worked at Cloud 7 Wimbledon as as Saturday girl from 1976, and a summer/christmas holidays till 1979. I started at Our Price in 1980 and was Manager of the Wimbledon and Putney branches, starting in Kingston. Fun!
Kate (Aka Dewey) (2021)

Ah memories. Nearly 50 years ago now, I started hanging out in the Kingston shop in 1973/4 while I should have been at College. The shop was managed by Jean (Bean) who later went on to work for Tape Revolution/ Our Price, after which I unfortunately lost touch. Others I met there included Ivo, area manager for Cloud 7, who I travelled to Morocco with in 1975 and who went on to found 4AD records, and Dave Botterell who later managed Haircut 100.

I did work for Cloud 7 after the Morocco trip, at the Wimbledon store leading up to Xmas 1975 and then the Portobello Rd shop, just before it closed in early 1976, when Desire was released and was just about the only record that sold. After that I spent most of my working life in the music business, for Miles Copeland and working with Material, Conflict and as manager of Fields Of The Nephilim. Took early retirement due to diabetes and a heart attack, now live Surrey with my wife and Labradors.
Steve Brown

I lived in Wimbledon, so usually went to Cloud 7 in the High Street during school lunch hours to flick through the album racks and listen to whatever they were playing. They used to have occasional signing appearances by rising bands, including the Specials and Madness together, and the Rezillos. Cloud 7 later became an Our Price.




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