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I grew up in the area and if memory serves me correctly this was a single storey building with a neon ‘Climax’ sign on top. I don’t remember it primarily as a record shop although quite a few shops along the Dudley Road did sell ‘top 20′ singles usually from a cardboard box on the counter. My father used to like to mess around with electrical gadgets and I remember him saying ‘I’ll have to go up to the Climax to get such-and such a part’ … so my recollection of it was as a sort of ‘Tandys’……it was on the corner of Heath Street and Dudley Road, just down from the hospital. I assume it was demolished as part of the Heath Street clearance and doubt it survived into the 70’s…… I haven’t been round there for a few years but for a long time there was a big advertising hoarding on the site it used to occupy.


Dave Harwood
09 Mar 2024 at 03:09
I found this listing in the 'Birmingham Mail' dated 12th June1969: “CLIMAX RADIO (Vincent Green) 143 Dudley Road, Birmingham.”
... and this classified advert in the 29th June 1971 edition: “JUNIOR ASSISTANT (Male or Female) Required. TV / Radio, knowledge of trade an advantage. Phone 454 2440 or write Climax Radio 143 Dudley Road, Birmingham.”



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