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I used to go to the Circle in the Square almost every Saturday between 1970 and 1972. I was a budding DJ and wanted to build up my collection of vinyls. Well, this is what I told the Saturday girl that work there. In reality, I fancied her like mad but never had the courage to ask her out. In the end I never did ask her out but ended up with a great collection of vinyls.
Tony Blooman

Circle in the square record shop was a regular haunt and introduced me to so much good music. Happy days. How many on here used to shop there ?.

William Greenwood

  • My younger brother worked in Circle in the Square, in the late 80s for a few years (then went on to Rhythm - in Camden). We used to use that shop beforehand.
    As an aside, to work at Rhythm you had to answer a 100 question sheet and wow some were very obscure
  • Colin Bangs
    I used to pop in there every time I passed by. As a Madness fan I was given a lot of the posters that accompanied the release of their records once they were no longer wanted. Great shop with some great memories.

    Steve Drennan
    Was such a great place to visit and I discovered so many interesting artists that really shaped my musical tastes. Loads of white label pressings also which I still have in my collectio
    • Steve Drennan I sadly sold my collection in 1994 but started collecting again seriously around 10 years ago.

    • Steve Drennan
      Jon Jordan very true!

    • Jon Jordan

      Steve Drennan it's a costly venture mate
    • Steve Drennan
      Jon Jordan unfortunately I did lose a large part of my records but was lucky that I still had a box in storage for decades and have been trying to replace the ones I know to have lost
    • Jon Jordan
    • Especially these days. Just hope your not a Depeche mode collector !. Silly prices




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