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Here's an article about the shop on the Bucks Free Press site.

The shop opened in the Autumn of 1971 in a new building, a block of three retail premises,

The shop was set up with limited funds and with many of the fixtures and fittings obtained secondhand or built with materials from Lynch’s Yard round the corner.

Records and a separate section for cassettes and 8-tracks were downstairs: music of all styles and with a healthy jazz section. (You might be too young to know what an 8-track was!) There was a Hi-Fi showroom upstairs specialising in Pansonic products and also from local manufacturers Hacker and Dynatron.

A small video library arrived downstairs, but, in truth, probably not enough space to do the job properly.

Also upstairs was a spectacular collection of antique gramophones and phonographs and a few vintage juke boxes; the one pictured is a 1940s Mills, playing 78s.

The shop was initially a bit chaotic, but was updated and refitted in the late 1970s, followed by a (slightly reluctant) move into the CD era in the early 1980s.


04 Apr 2023 at 11:39
Chiltern Sound in Spittal Street Marlow closed down about three weeks after I moved to the town (damn it).



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