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(Aug 3, 2015) Brian Nevill said:Owned by Mark Jamieson.

(October 29. 2105) I started Chicken Shack on the first floor of Kensington Market with Jesse Birdsell back in 1980. We sold then mainly R'n'B and doo wop repros. It was during this period that one of our customers ('Mo' - can't remember his surname) came back from India with several rubber stamps including the one pictured above for us.

Around 1984 we moved to Golborne Road, shortly after which Jesse departed to go in with Barney Koumis at the new version of Moondogs in East Ham. I continued at Golborne Road until 1989 selling rockabilly as well as R'n'B and doo wop repros, both over the counter on Friday mornings and Saturdays and by mail order. The lovely Helen Gittens (known then as 'Rocky') worked for me then.

I gave it up in 1989. I now work as a professional anthropologist, teaching anthropology in one of the London universities when I am not doing research amongst the Native American peoples of Central America. I remember the years in Golborne Road (top end of the Portobello in West London) as being great fun, particular when Helen and I were working together. The stall was a real hangout and I made a lot of good friends there, some of whom I still see. Comment:Mark Jamieson

Hi Mark
It was interesting reading about your vinyl career. I have recently acquired some records from a dealer who got them from a guy called Dell Richardson. Did Dell purchase some or most of your stock when you finished?

No, I sold off what was left of my stock to Rockin' Rex who had previously in the late '70s famously sold records at the rock and roll nights at The Royalty in Southgate and The Bobby Sox in Willesden. Rex gave me a very fair price for it as I recall. I do remember Dell but didn't ever really do much if any business with him as he was based much more on the outskirts of northwest London. That said Dell and I no doubt carried some of the same titles acquired from third parties who we both knew. I got most of my stock directly from the United States, a fair amount from Germany, and smaller quantities in trades with French and British dealers. Some of it I had pressed up exchanging my titles with others who were doing the same.
Mark Jamieson

Great reading this article, Brings back memories of my rockabilly days buying from the Market and my old Hemsby days too,
I miss the dance clubs and stalls at the weekenders, Thanks guys,Ricky. (2021)




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