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Chequers, in Lee High Road, Lewisham, owner was Terry, assistant King 'Enry Best DJ records/12" 70's/80's. It was my regular Saturday morning hang-out with best friend Vince.
Geoff's Super Disco - Jaspers, Catford SE6 - Geoff, Vince (Greg Edwards) & Gary. Anyone remember?
(15 February 2015)

Comment: Remember it all so well. Down to Jaspers (pink, then green entry cards). Then off to see Terry to get the latest 12'' remixes heard. Great times!! Remember Geoff (small guy) and Vince in his Greg Edwards style voice. ha ha!
(27 July 2016)

Name: Rob Sawyer
Comment: I was a Saturday boy here, probably circa 1978/79/80 or so. I think the spelling is wrong by the way, I think it was Checkers. Terry was a 'Character' and King 'Enry had great music taste, we later worked together at EMI Records. It was a great education, I was DJing so spent my wages on records, I clearly remember records such as Chic's Good Times, Slave's Just A Touch Of Love and Bobby Thurston's Check Out The Groove coming in on import, breaking the shrink wrap and... wow! Great memories.

Name: Henri Taylor
Comment: Best record shop ever, used to get all my picture discs (Sergeant Pepper's, Human League, Gary Numan, etc) coloured vinyls (Squeeze, Billy Idol, etc) and shaped records (Belle Stars, Toto, Edwin Starr etc) there. Good memories.


29 Jun 2023 at 10:46
I got my first 12" here. I'd been buying 7"s up to that point. It was Imagination’s 'Just An Illusion'. I was 11. I went in for the 7" and the fellow behind the counter told me it was out of stock, but he did have the 12". I asked him if I ought to buy the 12", whereupon I was given a concise explanation of the 12-inch's benefits. From that moment on, I never bought another 7" again. I carried on going to the shop right up until the end, when it had become part of the 'Prime Time' chain, with Joe running the vinyl side. Around 1990, the delivery driver (who became a successful producer as part of ‘187 Lockdown’) would let me onto the van and help myself, as some of the Chicago records were so abstract, he didn’t bother offering them to shops! 30+ years down the line, some of them are crazily collectable! I got to meet Winston there, who I'd later make a record with (which has gone onto be a UK House classic – honest!). Happy times!
13 Jul 2024 at 07:23
Used to hang around here loads in the 70s buying punk 7"s. I remember coveting a copy of Siouxsie and the Banshees Hong Kong Garden that was pinned to the wall above the counter. I thought it was an unusual promo given to the shop as it was melted into a bowl shape. Looking back I'm guessing the shop wasn't a fan of punk and had just melted it in an oven!



35 Lee High Road SE13 Lewisham / London
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