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A record shop and Country music label, run by Graham and Sue Rowe out of premises in Northbrook Street, Newbury, Berkshire. Checkmate began issuing records in late 1976.

Sold most types of music but also had a Country and Western record label and released albums of pedal steel guitar music.

Name: Lloyd Rowe
Comment: This shop was owned by Graham and Sue Rowe (my Mum and Dad). Does anyone have any picture or stories of Sue or Graham Rowe or the business itself? However insignificant seeming. I'm their son.
(20 December 2012)

Name: Andrew Hamerston
Comment: Used to work at Checkmate in 1976 with Sue and Graham, happy days!
(29 March 2015)

Name: Stephen Wilkinson
Comment: I do not remember his son Lloyd. Graham, sadly had a heart attack, much too young. However we all smoked and drank much too much.

Graham had the Checkmate record shop in Newbury, also a Checkmate in Wantage, and a record shop in Little Clarendon Street, Oxford (I think called Rainbow Records).

I helped at Wantage part time, when I was an art student. I was there Christmas 1975, when Queen A Night at the Opera was out. I also did the art work for two albums: Tokyo Matsu and Kelvin Henderson. It would be in the name Steve and Lizi Wilko.




56 Northbrook Street RG14 1AN Newbury / Berkshire
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