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  • I remember it very well......|I started DJin in 1989 and used to buy all my records from there........before it was behind the sheaf market it was under one of the shops on commercial street near barclays bank and now the bloke that owned it (chris i think,tatooed head) has a stall in chrystal peaks....well he did upto a couple of years ago.

Andy the djPosted January 20, 2008yep I remember Chantery records i bought a lot of music from there,it was on commercial street he had all dj buissness cards around the top of the walls even mine.(because of the amount i spent i always got a good discount of freebies-promo copies. it was partly run by Richard Marshall if i can remember right who ran the winds of change disco,although im having second thoughts and it may be ran by the guy who ran Winds of change disco. After that chantry records moved to Middlwood road and changed its name to Hillsborough records.
sadly thats now gone




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