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Name: Ray Astbury
Comment: I lived in Sandbach until I went to University in 1958, and bought my first records in Cath Jones' shop - 78s by Humphrey Lyttleton and Louis Armstrong! It was a single storey wooden building - lots of sheet music as well as records. I don't remember the "fancy goods". There was another record shop in Sandbach, on High Street, round about 1956 or 1957, but it didn't last very long - I don't have the vaguest idea what it was called.
(April 26, 2015)

Name: Ray Astbury
Comment: According to the website Cath Jones converted her father’s cabinet making shop in Congleton Road into a record shop. It opened in August 1947 and it closed for the last time on the 29 February 2000 exactly 18 months after Cath Jones died.
(August 30, 2015)

Name: Richard Lees
Comment: I have many fond memories from the 1960s, of browsing the records while my parents went to the market. Cath always made me welcome (even though I had little money to spend!), and I still have many of the records I did buy."
(April 15, 2015)

Name: Karen Grierson
Comment: I lived in Newfield street across the road, and me and my best mates Sandra and Bev Chaddock who lived in The Kings Arms used to get all our records from there.
Cath used to pay us in goods to pick the apples from her trees in her garden. She gave us a kite each one time. She and her husband Wilf used to take us to Bradwall village hall when Wilf and his band were playing.
They were a lovely couple and I have very fond memories of them and my time in Newfield Street when I was a child.
I used to be an Astbury too. My Dad was Albert Astbury and my Mum was Rosemary.

Name: Roger Buckley
Comment: Many an hour in her shop while parents in the market. Bought lots of sheet music from there and my Roy Orbison LPs. Never pushed to make a purchase, hours browsing. Good memories.

Name: Mark Clarke
Comment: I remember Cath Jones's very well, bought my first ever single from there around 1974, My Coo Ca Choo by Alvin Stardust. You could just roam about for ages in there... Nice memories.

Name: John Jordan
Comment: Living around Congleton in the 1980s I heard about Cath Jones' shop and biked over to have a look. I was in search of some old Tamla Motown stuff to remind me of an old girlfriend, I was into punk by then. I was astounded by the large wooden hut filled with bins of singles, anything you could think of. I picked up a few singles by The Supremes et al and a triple album from Stevie Wonder. Never went back but what a find.

Name: Geoff Lucas
Comment: Used to go to Cath Jones’s regularly in the 1960s whilst at the Grammar School. It played a big part in my passion for vinyl and collecting/hoarding in general. Remember one Friday afternoon while my friend Pete and me were in there having a good rummage and she had put on James Brown’s Sex Machine for us, when in walked the teacher/school vicar who was ‘supervising’ us. That would be another detention then!

Name: Roger Gaskell
Comment: I went into Cath Jones' record shop and bought my first 7" record, Save The Last Dance For Me by The Drifters, and spent my 3/6d of my paper boy money, and I was hooked and built my first record collection. I was 12 years old then, when I went to Sandbach Secondary School. After school I went in most days, my collection grew and grew into 2,000. Over the years I still collected and I've still got my collection today, still rare records today. RIP Cath and Wilf Jones, thanks for the memories.

Name: Jez Jones
Comment: Cath Jones's in Sandbach----many a happy afternoon skiving school and digging around in there in the late 1960s!




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