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Re: Lost record shops of Glasgowby Buzby ยป Thu Feb 21, 2008 3:19 pm
As a newbie (and trawling through the thread from the beginning), When Casa opened, it was called Casa Cassettes, and as you can imagine it didn;t sell vinyl. The owner (as I recall) was a Mrs Findlay, and she went on to open a further two outlets, in Oswald Street (next to what was the Greeen Shield Stamps showroom then AA, and up at Sauchiehall Street, across from the Eye Infirmary. After a time only the Sauchiehall Street shop remained and eventually closed. (It's now a tobacconists).

Incidentally, HMV in Union Street was 2 stores in one - I worked there from prior to it opening to the public (1971?), and was a single shop unit in what was originally Union Street's Woolworths, which had been vacated, split into 3 (or 4) with street frontage. This was the time preceding CD's, so live stock with vinyl in browser bars adorned the walls and centre aisle downstairs, whilst upstairs was the classical section. Cassettes were displayed individually in locked wall-mounted racks which had to be unlocked by staff. When the store opened, I'm told there was a piper and Andy Stewart (an EMI stalkwart)) cut the ribbon, but I neversaw him.

Three or four years adter that, the next-door unit (to the south) became free and the grounf floor doubled in size. The manager at opeming was a tall chap called Paul, and he had an indonesian wife called Inez who helped set up, as I recall this was the first Scottish branch opened by the company.


Dave Harwood
04 Jan 2024 at 08:14
I found this advert in the 'Stornaway Gazette' dated 8th March 1986: “Send 50p in postage stamps for our brand-new mail order catalogue. Overseas enquiries welcome. (Department SG), CASA CASSETTES LTD., Hamilton House International, 325 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G 2 3HW.”



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