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Name: Mike Murphy
Comment: It was run by a sort of hippy lady and her boyfriend/partner, who sold lots of alternative music on vinyl, a really good shop for LPs, particularly psychadelia, alongside rolling papers and bongs. It was one of the few places that you could find anything a bit different. Renowned in Eastbourne, I believe it shut down when the partner was busted heavily and it never reopened though it sat empty for years and years looking like it might open back up at any point...

Name: Simon Harris
Comment: Absolutely loved Carolines and her amazingly eclectic selection. She recommended everything from reggae (George & Baxter Irie - Three Times A Lady) to Hawkwind (Motorway City remix) to a very excited 15-year-old and his 12-year-old brother.

Name: Tony May
Comment: Yes, I remember Carolines! At one time in the 1980s it was a shop worth a regular visit. A high turnover of stock, there was always something new and exciting to discover there. The shop sold secondhand stuff and had a huge stock but it was more for the 60s psych, folk, rock, punk, alternative and new wave merchants than people like me who were into soul, disco and funk. The good side of this being that any such stock was usually cheap to clear there as Caroline found it harder to sell.
(20 March 2012)

Name: Katrin Moye
Comment: Was just reminiscing about Eastbourne in the 1980s with an old Eastbourne pal and I remembered Caroline, and how my 16-year-old self was desperate to impress her with my musical choices! She did compliment me on my purchase of a Captain Beefheart album once, I left the shop walking on air...

Name: Ian Perks
Comment: A truly wonderful place that paid my rent a few times!

Name: James Rollins
Comment: And don’t forget my great friend Martin McCoubrey - who still works within the music industry, everyone else has long since retired.

Name: Chris Cox
Comment: I visited about 3 times, Caroline was very childish and idiotic and defensive usually, I told her I saw similar (new) albums which were priced cheaper in the official record stores, but she gave a pathetic answer, didn't listen to my concerns and went broke within a year!




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