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I worked at this shop as a sales assistant through the 70s (2nd from right in the photo). Although it had a reputation as good for classical the staff pictured had an encyclopaedic knowledge of most genres and we were known as good for tracking down and ordering stuff ( "what's that song..." etc.). Since sleeves were on display and the records behind the counter we also used to amuse ourselves by quizzing each other on prefixes and suffixes (sad, I know) and certain best sellers/favourites are still with me now: pcs 7067/8 (White Album), 63699 (Bridge over Troubled Water), ABCL 5034 (Countdown to Ecstasy)..
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Jon Salisbury

(Nov 11, 2013) Stu Megan said:I worked there from 1967-1968 when Eric Hancock was Manager ( he was on some BBC radio classical music show)..




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