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I bought one of my first ever records here - Down Under by Men At Work 7 inch single. The shop didn't last much longer than that, pretty sure it was closed by 1985 when I started high school. Our Price was also in the George Mall, that was probably the reason it closed down. In Salisbury we also had Domino Records off Fisherton Street and a great second hand shop at the back of the amusement arcade in Catherine street for a few years in the late 80's. Comment: Jamie Searle.

(Dec 14 2014) I can't remember the name of the shop that Brian's replaced, but do remember in had a black facia above the window. There was also Rod Records on Fisherton Street, who's owners also had the Fisherton Arms, a clothes shop in Catherine Street which stocked imported vinyl upstairs (the covers had corners missing or cuts in them) & occasionally Suttons had some good choices. Comment: Jonathan Read .
It came back to me during the week. Brian's Records replaced Derrick's. Comment:Jonathan.

Yes. Just thinking about these when writing a feature and mentally taking myself back to being a boy, and the thrill a record shop gave me. I bought some records early on in Brian’s, then in my teens it was Rod’s where I bought all my Kent soul comps as a teeny mod. My second hand experience really took hold inDoug’s behind the amusement arcade. Fond memories imprinted in my mind.
Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills


Richard Baldwin
24 Sep 2023 at 12:22
...and Domino Records in the maltings would have cool stuff. i left in 92, age 15



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