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B.P.M. Records was a short lived Hastings, East Sussex, Record shop but it is of historical interest because it was run by Darren Ash. Darren was better known as one half of 'Megabass' (who had a top 20 hit with 'Time To Make The Floor Burn') and as one of the Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers megamixers. The shop specialized in good quality second hand vinyl and CD's. The bulk of its stock was dance, high energy, pop (and especially anything Prince related) but it also stocked general pop and a smattering of rock. The reason the full address is not on the attached is because its a hand-out printed for distribution locally when the shop opened circa 1991 ish and not a copy of a newspaper ad. I think the shop closed in 1992 but it could have lasted a bit longer. The main problem with the business was its 'off the beaten path' location. Comment: Tony May

(May 13, 2012) D Howells said:You're right about the location - it was never going to attract passing trade because of this. I got introduced to Darren, as I worked with his partner who knew I was really into dance music. He was such a nice guy and he actually showed me how to beat-mix, and I started DJing soon after. He used to get so many promo copies of records (possibly due to the fact he was doing the megamixes) .. I was quite in awe of the amount of white labels he used to have.




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