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Name: Martin
Comment: A shame this store is going out of commercial business (closing down shop after 25 years+). Another independent bites the dust. Soon online digital sales will be the only outlet for music purchases. I had a dream to set up an independent record store, but would have needed so much
capital to ensure trading that it wouldnt be financially viable. I'd buy the store in an instant if I had the funds!
(15 January 2013)

Name: Mike Bradshaw
Comment: I worked in Borderline from 2006 to 2011. Just Fridays and Sunday lunchtimes to help them out, down in the basement, master-bagging CDs and vinyl. After my years at Music Meltdown I wasn't up to full-time record clerking any more. Always a joy to work with Dave & Sian Minns, two of the most knowledgable people in the business. I remember their shop above the Jubilee Shopping Hall in Gardner Street in the 1980s, what a place that was. The best thing about working for Dave & Sian was the amazing discounts and deals he did me. I never earned much actual money in there but came away with a ton of rare stuff most weeks. Dave always got in the best garage punk, psychedelia and limited edition titles - blink and you miss it - and I always got good deals. A pleasure to work with the long-standing Keith as well... one of the nicest guys you could meet. Dave Minns stocked the jukebox in the Heart & Hand with rare 7"s, is the world's biggest Byrds fan (although he missed them at the old Hove Town Hall in '66), and richly deserves a happy retirement (Borderline closed in 2014).




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