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(May 13, 2012) Danny Howells said:Boots did sell 12" singles .. my copy of Amii Stewart's Light My Fire (Remix) still has the Boots sticker on it. This was mid 80s. flag like

(Mar 20, 2012) Tony May said:Hastings branch of 'Boots' also sold records in the 70's and 80's. The record department in the store was situated upstairs and they sold a good selection of current chart Lp's, cassettes and 7" and back catalogue LP's and cassettes. I may be wrong but I do not recall Boots ever selling 12" records? With so many other outlets to get records in Hastings in those days I expect they found themselves to be one of the last places people would choose to shop for the more trendy releases. Much of their back catalogue stock was classic rock.

Boots Pharmacy used to stock the latest chart singles back in the day at many of their branches. I was particularly aware of the 119-120 London Road, Brighton, BN1 4JHL branch, as they had them laid out on their counter which was located at the back left hand side of the store. The 7” singles rarely came in picture sleeves in those days, usually just plain white or pink paper sleeves with large holes in the centre so that the record’s label was visible. I can recall one trip where I purchased Dee D Jackson’s ‘Automatic Lover’ single (which I still have) from the girl assistant, who at the time was being chatted up by her boyfriend and he saw my choice and loudly proclaimed ‘Automatic Scrubber’ to her. Funny the things you remember! The store finally closed on 20th September 2019 to make way for student accommodation. (Update: Alternative Brighton by Noyce & Jarman flagged up by Shelley Guild 30.03.20 – Branch at 157 Western Road, Brighton, BN1 2HA had emphasis on the easy sellers).
Boots sold records at their other branches in Brighton and Hove, which included 17-19 St James’s Street, Brighton BN2 1RF and 129 North Street, Brighton, BN1 2BE, as well as 59-61 George Street, Hove BN3 3YD. (Update: Terry A 13.04.20 – “Boots also had a separate “Boots Audio” branch in London Road, during the late 70’s – early 80’s, which sold hi-fi equipment and accessories as well as records”).





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