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Dave Harwood
14 Mar 2024 at 05:44
I found this advert in the 'Hull Daily Mail' dated 20th November 1969: “Secondhand Books and Records, Posters, Hangers, Good selection of Christmas Cards. All at the BOOK & RECORD EXCHANGE, 97 Princes Avenue, Hull. Telephone: 43988. ALSO AT 43 Carr Lane, Hull. Telephone: 25616."
... and this classified advert in the 25th April 1974 edition: “We are still looking for an ASSISTANT for the BOOK AND RECORD EXCHANGE. The successful applicant will be young, bright, energetic, responsible and well read, but not over-qualified. Apply in writing only to: THE MANAGER, BOOK AND RECORD EXCHANGE, 97 PRINCES AVENUE, HULL.”



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