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Name: Bill Brewster
Comment: Blackmail opened in the early 1980s and was primarily a mail order business, but it did open two or three days a week. I think they specialised in metal and heavy rock, but it sold cut-outs and had many really great soul and funk albums for sale at very cheap prices. I remember buying stuff like Curtis Mayfield's Honesty and also Something To Believe In and also Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson's From South Africa To South Carolina. I don't think it really lasted too long, unfortunately. But while it was there, it was possibly the only really good store we ever had in Grimsby.

Name: Mike Garrett
Comment: When we did the A-level Politics course at Grimsby College, I remember Nicky Potts giving everyone an update on what new records her dad had in stock. From Blackmail I bought Anthrax Among the Living and the Metallica Master of Puppets albums. Still have them. Great Days.




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