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BLACK WAX RECORDS, 12 Mitcham Lane, Streatham, London was a specialist blues record retailer during the 1970's. The shop was owned by Roy Stanton, assisted by Hilary Cummings and blues guru, writer and broadcaster Clive Richardson who mentions the shop in his book: Soul Citizen. The DJ, John Peel was a frequent customer at BLACK WAX.

Clive Richards the mag started under the name 'Soul Music' in the autumn of '67, became Shout at Issue 34 and carried on till Issue 112 in July '77; it featured many well-known scribes such as Tony Cummings, 5 Charlie Gillet, Bill Miller, Ray Topping; Roy Stanton, Kurt Mohr and Dave Godin. In fact Roy Stanton ran the Black Wax record shop in London and during the period Jan to July 1973 released 6 copies of the mag 'Black Wax'. The mag'S.M.G.' was edited by Barry Lazell of Mansfield (later by Chris Savory) and whilst featuring mucho pop music had articles on '70's Soul and Doo-wop (Sept '77's issues featured an article on Ric Tic records) -ran to at least 6 issues.

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