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Name: Leon Parker
Comment: My friend from my teenage days in Maida Vale worked here on Saturdays at Praed Street near Paddington station. I'd hang out and listen to music, it's where I first heard the Ramones in about 1976. My mate Steve Curried said that the other guy there was a pain as he kept playing 'Judy Is A Punk Rocker' & 'Nutbush City Limits' repeatedly. I do do recall getting blasted by these two tunes. I brought a Jefferson Starship LP which had the track 'Miracles' at the time, recomended by my mate but I was a little disappointed with it. Now older, I'm loving the track 'Miracles' which you can find on an excellent Ace compilation, 76% In The Shade, takes me back to that small shop with that rancid carpet but one hell of a sound system.

I got to know the French man (Skydog) who worked in the offices above in which I think if I recall correctly there was lots of stuff from the Chiswick label. I recall records in boxes like the Count Bishops.

Name: Brian Nevill
Comment: Parisian Larry Dubay ran this shop, he owned it with partners (whose names I can't recall). There was a connection between the shop and Sky Dog Records of Paris.
(3 August 2012)

Name: Mike Beck
Comment: On a trip to the UK in 1975 my mate and I bought several records from Larry, Heldon, Pole, Zao, and maybe a few others. This is a true blast from the past.

Name: John Preston
Comment: This was my favourite record shop ever. I still have the copy of Iggy and the Stooges' Metallic K.O. that I bought from here in the early 1970s (on the sketchy French SkyDog International label).




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